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The Best Way To Keep Ticks Away From Your Louisville, KY Property

a tick biting a human

If you venture outdoors in Louisville,  KY you could encounter a dangerous pest. Ticks are all around you, and they're waiting for a new host. While most people know to look out for ticks on hiking trails, they don't realize the importance of tick prevention in their yard. Fortunately, there is an easy way to keep ticks away - with the help of a professional.

All About Ticks In Louisville

There are a few ticks in Louisville that pose a serious threat to humans. The lone star tick, dog tick, and the black-legged tick are known to carry dangerous diseases. When you come into contact with one of these ticks, the trouble begins. It latches on and digs into your skin. As a tick sucks your blood, it could also simultaneously infect you with a disease. Lyme disease, rocky mountain spotted fever, and tularemia are all spread by ticks. Although a tick bite doesn't hurt, the aftermath can send you to a hospital.

So what do these Louisville pests look like? Before feeding on a host, a tick is a small creature with eight legs. You might mistake it for a speck of dirt. Once a tick starts feeding, it becomes larger and redder in color. However, ticks tend to feed in areas like the groin and armpit. You may neglect to see the tick on you. Before a tick latches onto a host, it's even harder to see. They tend to wait on tall grasses and plants. At times, they travel from a wildlife host to your backyard. Either way, you're unlikely to see the tick until the damage is done and it has already had a meal.

Tick Prevention For Your Property

If you would prefer to keep your yard a safe place, you need to take steps to keep ticks away. And while there are a few simple things you can do, there's no guarantee your actions will completely deter ticks. All of the following are somewhat effective preventative measures. However, the only truly effective form of tick control is to work with a pest control professional. Try these control measures:

  • Clean Your Yard Debris: If you have piles of debris in your yard, wildlife pests may decide to take up residence. Your leaf and junk piles could be what's attracting mice and rats into your yard. By cleaning up debris piles, you limit those pests and the ticks they carry with them
  • Mow Your Lawn: Tall grass is one way to attract pests and give ticks a place to wait for their next host. As much as you might hate to lose a few hours of your weekend, take the time to mow your lawn. Doing so limits your chance of an encounter with a tick. For the best results, keep your grass as low as possible.
  • Use Tick Prevention On Pets: If you don't use any form of tick prevention on your pets, they could bring a tick into your home. When your dog or cat sniffs around the yard, they may come into contact with a tick. Eventually, your pet will bring the tick into your home. Speak to your veterinarian and learn more about the options for using a tick preventative. Typically, you can find a topical that works on both fleas and ticks. 

Work With Us

Why take a gamble with your health? For peace of mind, work with us at Action Pest Control. We have decades of experience protecting locals from ticks. Our technicians will come to your home and inspect your yard. Then, we'll use ongoing treatment to make sure your yard is tick-free. You can count on us to keep you safe. To learn more about our home pest control methods, call us today at Action Pest Control.