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How Insect Light Traps Help Restaurants

a large restaurant kitchen

No business owner wants to have his business, staff, or customers have to deal with or see pests in their restaurant. Having pest problems in a restaurant is a recipe for disaster, word travels fast and just one small insect can lead to serious consequences for a restaurant or other business types. One type of pest that can cause customers to lose their appetite if they constantly have to swat them away from their heads or food are filth flies. As their name applies, filth flies are dirty, disease ridden and have no place within a restaurant setting. The Louisville commercial pest control experts found at Action Pest Control want to fill you in on the problems that filth flies can cause and why light traps are a very effective solution to the problem!

There are many species of filth flies, some of the most common include the house fly, blow fly, drain fly, and phorid fly. Flies are unfortunately attracted naturally to the conditions that are found in restaurants: moist sink and drain areas, plentiful food sources, and a humid, warm environment. Flies reproduce quickly and once in a restaurant their population can grow very quickly leading to a very large infestation. In addition to reputation damage, the main issue with flies are the illnesses they can spread. Before entering a restaurant most filth flies have been feeding on decaying organic matter, and not just rotting tomatoes from a garden, we are talking about some pretty disgusting things: animal excrement, garbage, sewer debris, and dead animals. As you can imagine after feeding on those less than appetizing things filth flies carry many pathogens and parasites on their body and legs. When they find their way into your restaurant they can contaminate everything they land on- tables, food prep areas, food, utensils, plates with those diseases and parasites.

Flies can be a tricky pest to keep out of any restaurant because they can enter through the smallest of cracks in exterior walls, through doors that are left open for just a second too long, or even in produce and food deliveries. The best way to keep flies in check in your restaurant is to ensure that your sanitation practices are top notch. Make sure that garbage is removed regularly from the restaurant, kitchen counters are wiped down and sanitized daily, dirty dishes are quickly washed, and that sinks and drains are routinely cleaned, sanitized and are in proper working order. It is also important to store food either in refrigerators or in air-tight containers to reduce breeding and feeding sites.

In conjunction with increasing sanitation practices in your Louisville restaurant, one of the most effective ways to ensure that flies don’t become a problem in your restaurant is to install insect light traps with the help of the professionals here at Action Pest Control. Insect light traps work on the simple principle that flies are attracted to warmth; the heat that the trap produces draws flies in where they become trapped; simple as that! Trapped flies can't reproduce within your restaurant, can't contaminate food, and can't annoy and scare away your customers. With the help of the commercial pest control experts at Action Pest Control, you can protect your restaurant from flies and other year-round pests!

To learn more about how Action Pest Control can help your restaurant maintain a pest free environment year-round through the proper placement of light insect traps in and by creating an environment that does not attract pests through our Integrated Pest Management program, contact us today. Don’t risk the chance of a single fly sighting in your Louisville restaurant affecting its bottom line and reputation for another day, call the Louisville pest control experts at Action Pest Control today!