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Why Mosquitoes Should Be Eliminated From Your Yard

mosquito on a flower

If you live here in Louisville, then you know that one of the most common pests that you will encounter is the lowly mosquito. But, don’t let their commonality trick you into thinking that they are harmless. These pests act as vectors to transmit some pretty serious, and even deadly, disease to people and pets; and while there is no way to completely eliminate every single mosquito from our community, mosquitoes in Louisville should be eliminated from your yard.

According to, in September 2016, a Louisville resident contracted West Nile Virus from an infected mosquito and died from the disease prompting the Louisville Health Department to issue a warning. There was also a non-fatal case of the disease. According to the article Dr. Joann Schulte, Director of Louisville Department of Public Health and Wellness, stated, “West Nile infected mosquitoes are present throughout the community, and people should take the appropriate precautions.”

This is a strong reminder to all of us that mosquito control is an important part of keeping our families safe from mosquitoes and the diseases that they transmit – diseases like West Nile Virus, Zika virus, chikungunya, and many more. Residents need to consider doing their part to eliminate mosquitoes from their own yards. But, sometimes knowing how to control mosquito populations in your yard can be a bit overwhelming, and you may wonder where to start!

A good place to start is by walking through your yard specifically looking for areas of standing water. Check for kid’s toys that may be collecting water, old tires, paint cans, tarps, garden tools, wheelbarrows, bird baths – anything that can hold water! And, keep in mind that a mosquito only needs a capful of water to breed. Next, look for low areas or divots in your lawn and fill them in. Move to your gutters and make sure there is no debris there that would block their flow, and make sure that downspouts are clear and directing water away from your foundation. Once the areas of standing water are addressed, move to the foliage in your yard. Look to see if there are areas of tall grass and cut it. Eliminate any shrubbery or other plants that you can, keeping in mind that these are the perfect resting sites for adult mosquitoes to escape the hottest part of the day. Lastly, contact a trusted pest control provider like Action Pest Control for mosquito control services in Louisville.

Action Pest Control will treat the resting and breeding areas on your property that cannot be eliminated with a very effective, ecologically responsible material that will eliminate adult mosquitoes and prevent new batches from hatching. The difference will be noticeable; and the fewer biting mosquitoes on your property the lower your risk of contracting West Nile or any of the other diseases that mosquitoes transmit.

Mosquitoes are not only annoying, they are dangerous; and they can be deadly. Limit the risk of mosquito borne illnesses here in Louisville with help from the mosquito control experts here at Action Pest Control.