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What Are Bed Bug Dogs?

a bed bug dog at work

Move over Sherlock Holmes. Step aside Agatha Christie. In the realm of bed bug detection, you don't have a prayer of out-sleuthing a dog. And they do it without the imaginative probing questions of a Lieutenant Columbo or the bizarre antics of one inspector Clouseau. You see, dogs are born with an incredible ability. This ability allows them to see through walls and past all the layers on a bed or couch and figure out where those bed bugs are hiding. But, as Mr. Monk would say, "It is a gift...and a curse." The incredible sense of smell dogs are gifted with can cause them to be the most distracted animal you will ever meet. This can get them into a lot of trouble. However, with proper training, they can use their super sniffer to detect drugs, ammunition, bombs, the scent of a missing child, and even bed bugs.

Here are some of the ways bed bug dogs help to solve bed bug problems faster:

  • They make inspection faster. When a canine detective arrives on the scene, their nose is already working to find those bugs. All the technician has to do is allow them to do what comes naturally. Within a few short minutes, the dog will have signaled to every spot their nose has detected bugs.
  • No objects have to be moved or overturned. Unlike human inspectors, who have to move things around and shift bedding and other items, bed bug dogs can quickly move through a room without disturbing anything. This makes routine inspection much less of a pain.
  • They can smell those bugs before they hatch. The nose of a dog can detect bed bugs that are still inside their egg sacks. This is an extremely valuable asset in the fight against bed bug infestation, especially for business owners who need to find bed bugs "before" they start biting guests or residents.
  • Bed bug dogs help technicians corral those bugs. If you're not aware, bed bugs are extremely resilient and resourceful pests and notoriously difficult to get rid of. This is why treatments that are not done by experienced professionals often end in failure and frustration. With canine inspectors, pest professionals don't have to wonder where the bugs are.

At Action Pest Control, our K-9 detection team is certified by the International Association of Canine Pest Inspectors. If you own a home or business in Louisville or anywhere else in our coverage area throughout Indiana, Kentucky, and Illinois, the K-9 inspectors here at Action Pest Control can help you stop bed bug infestations before they even start. For immediate assistance give us a call.