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Pest Solutions For Terre Haute Residents

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What is a pest solution? The best way to truly see what works is to take a look at what doesn't. Here are a few pest control methods that simply do not work; but hang on to the end, and we'll cover how to do it right.

Killing Pests

When you have cockroaches, ants, wasps, or some other invasive pest living in your home, it may seem like the best idea is to throw something at them that will kill them dead in their tracks. But killing pests is only part of the solution. If done without the other parts, it can drive bugs deeper into your walls and make them more difficult and costly to get out.

Killing pests is often an exercise in futility. You can spend the rest of your life killing those bugs. But, if you don't get to the root of the problem, it will be never-ending.

Sealing Pests Out

While this is certainly a solution, it can be ineffective if done wrong or without other protective measures. Some pests, like those cockroaches mentioned above, cannot be excluded by sealing things up. These are insects that can scale walls and walk across ceilings, and some species of cockroaches can even fly. Keeping these versatile and disgusting pests out requires a focused application of insecticide to vulnerable areas. And that requires an experienced professional. Sealing pests out also requires proper identification of invading pests and an understanding of what exclusions will work for the specific pest pressures present.

Do It Yourself Pest Control

There are a ton of videos on the web that promise to help you solve your pest issues, but getting rid of dangerous and destructive pests isn't like painting the wall in your kitchen or learning how to build your own computer. If the information you're given is wrong or the process given doesn't adequately address your specific circumstance, you can find yourself dealing with ongoing illnesses, bites, stings, and damage to your home and your belongings.

What Is A Pest Solution?

If you live in the Terre Haute area, have the educated and experienced professionals at Action Pest Control properly identify the pests you're dealing with, eradicate all pests present in your home, implement natural exclusions specific to your needs, apply focused and limited EPA-approved insecticides to vulnerable areas, and return routinely to make sure you continue to stay pest-free.

Don't settle for anything less than a pest solution that solves your entire pest problem. If you live in Terre Haute, or anywhere else in our coverage area throughout Indiana, Kentucky, and Illinois, trust the QualityPro certified team here at Action Pest Control to outline and execute a complete home pest control solution. Then you can know for sure that your problem is solved.