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Is Bird Control Mean?

a sad pigeon

At some point in your life, it is likely that you stopped to watch a bird flying through the air, perching on a wire, or dancing around on the ground. Almost all of us have. Why? Because birds are amazing creatures. Yes, even pigeons and seagulls. Pest birds can capture our attention just as quickly as many exotic birds. That is probably why so many of us enjoy feeding them things like bread and french fries. With this in mind we have to wonder, is bird control mean? The answer may very well surprise you.

Bird Control

At Action Pest Control we believe in the humane treatment of birds, and our services reflect this. We focus on pest control measures that encourage birds to find another place to roost. When they attempt to land on a ledge, they find exclusion installations that give them a gentle poke or light shock, to make them feel unwelcome. When they attempt to land in areas that are dangerous for them or potentially damaging to man-made machinery, they are deterred by netting. If they enter into an area where their droppings could contaminate food, or present a slipping hazard on walkways, they are greeted by noise generators that emit a frequency that makes them uncomfortable. These methods do not harm the birds and are nothing more than a gentle nudge to guide those birds to where they belong.

Bird Removal

When pest birds have taken roost, their presence can be harmful to humans and their property. But, even in these circumstances, the welfare of the infesting birds is taken into consideration. We do not hunt or kill them. Our specialists use methods that drive the invading birds away and prevent re-entry, or perform a catch and release.

Although birds can deface statues and corrode concrete ledges with their droppings, spread illnesses to humans, create slipping hazards, damage machinery, contaminate stored foods, break windows, cause electrical fires, and more; they don't do these things on purpose. They're just doing what comes naturally. At Action Pest Control, our goal is to protect homes and businesses in a way that ensures the safety of humans without being inhumane to these unintentional invaders.

Action Pest Control services many areas throughout Indiana, Kentucky, Illinois, Ohio, Tennessee, Michigan and Missouri with state-of-the-art pest control. If you're dealing with pest birds on your property and want to know more about the bird control methods and exclusions we employ, contact us for a free inspection. Our agents would be happy to explain the many industry-leading services we provide.