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Why Choose Action For Pest Bird Control

a crow on a branch

When you own or manage a business there are many things that vie for your time. It is never as simple as offering a superior product or service. You must consider your customers wants, needs, and opinions; your employees’ safety, concerns, and morale; and the competition or dangers that could affect your product or service. In all of this you must take your bottom line into consideration. There never seems to be enough time and money to go around to make everyone happy and to keep everything safe. So you begin to delegate your authority to others in order to keep a handle on your growing business. You also must become efficient in prioritizing. Deciding which thing should be high on the list is sometimes a tricky proposition.

With all of these pressing issues foremost in your mind it is good to know that you have your pest control issues under control and off your plate. You understand that pests like mice, cockroaches, and termites can be one of the largest deficits to your business. These creatures can not only taint your product, but they can actually bring harmful pathogens into your workplace making employees and customers ill or can damage the very structure of your building. The damage that pests can do to your much worked for and needed good reputation can be unthinkable. The day you decided to delegate the responsibility of pests to the trusted professionals at Action Pest Control was the day you made one of the best business decisions of your career. Pests in your workplace are not only a thing of the past, but the worry and stress that they caused you has vanished too.

There is, however, another somewhat ‘hidden danger’ to your business and reputation that sits right under your nose, or should I say above your head, each and every day. Birds! No, I am not talking about that old Alfred Hitchcock horror flick that brought panic and fear into the hearts of many in the 1960’s. I am talking about those pigeons, starlings, swallows, and other species of birds that love to nest and roost on and in your eaves and rafters. Birds not only carry harmful pathogens that can make you, your employees, and your customers ill, but they can also cause extensive damages to building structures, ventilation systems, and equipment. Never mind the increased risk of ‘slip and fall’ accidents that exist due to the buildup of bird feces. In fact, birds account for upward of tens of millions of dollars in damages annually.

The same name that you have trusted to control insects on your property is the same name that you can trust to remove and control birds, too! Action Pest has highly trained and certified bird control specialists that have been safely and humanely dealing with birds for more than 20 years. We utilize non-lethal removal, deterrent, and harassment techniques that have been proven to be effective in controlling birds. Some of the bird control services that we offer include:

  • Exclusion installations to keep birds out and structural modifications as needed.
  • Removal of nesting and roosting sites.
  • Decontamination of nesting and roosting areas.
  • Flock dispersion.

If you own or manage a business in Indiana, Kentucky, Illinois, Ohio, Tennessee, Michigan or Missouri and are experiencing bird control issues then it is time to take Action & Get Action. Action Pest Control will respond to your call quickly and efficiently and will have those birds away from your facility and back in the wild where they belong before you know it. If you have decided it is time to take Action against those dangerous, pesky birds call us for your free inspection. You will be glad you did.