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Love The Bird, Hate The Problem

geese swimming by

We believe most people would agree that colorful birds flitting about here and there are entertaining to watch. It is fun when they congregate around bird feeders. It is also fun to feed them with bread or crackers. And it can be entertaining to see a little bird building a nest inside a barn or, perhaps, the lawn and garden section of a large store. But sometimes local birds can become a problem for business owners and need to be gently reminded to move on.

Problems Pest Birds Can Cause For Businesses

  • Noises: While one little bird building its nest may make pleasant chirping noises, a whole lot of birds can make a raucous noise when they all take off at once. And some birds make annoying sounds all by themselves. (We're looking at you, crows.)
  • Landscape issues: Some birds will damage vegetation and water embankments and eat grass seeds. Over time, this can lead to severe damage if birds are allowed to stay and multiply.
  • Roosting: When pest birds roost in certain places they can cause problems. A few of these places might be underneath solar panels, inside machinery, and inside electrical boxes. Not only are these nests unsightly, there is the possibility of contamination. Birds have been directly connected to the spread of illnesses such as hantavirus which can lead to Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome.
  • Droppings: Bird droppings are a hazard in several ways. Droppings can spread illness, present a slipping hazard, and contain uric acid, which is corrosive to some building materials.

What do you do if you want to get rid of those birds, but you don't want to hurt them?

The professionals here at Action Pest Control know how to gently communicate to pest birds that they need to move on. Our bird control professional put the highest priority on the safe and humane treatment of all birds, and only use non-lethal bird deterrents. Our services include:

  • Exclusion installations: There are many devices, like birds spikes and bird wire, that act as scarecrows in vulnerable roosting locations.
  • Structural modifications: Sometimes those birds can be deterred simply by eliminating harborage opportunities. Nets are a great way to stop birds from getting into locations they are not wanted.
  • Nest and roost removal: Our bird control technicians are trained to thoroughly deal with bird infestations, including the decontamination of roost sites.
  • Flock dispersion: This method works to drive birds away with a mist or a use of sound waves.

For more information or to have one of our bird control specialists meet with you, reach out to us today.