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Bed Bugs, What Now?

a bed bug up close

It is certainly not a very good day when you wake up from a night’s sleep and find little red welts on your body. Your first thought is that you must have gone to bed with a swarm of mosquitoes; but, no, you surely would have heard them buzzing around your head. You look a little more closely at those itchy bumps and discover that there seems to be little groups or clusters of bites here and there. Hmmm, mosquitoes usually only bite once, you think. As you stand in your bedroom pondering your dilemma, you happen to notice a small insect lying dead on your sheet. You stoop down for a closer look, and realize it is actually an empty shell casing of an insect. The thought begins to form in your mind. You quickly peel pack the blankets and the top sheet and discover small, black dried blood stains on your bottom sheet. In a panic now, you tear off that bottom sheet and find small, dark fecal stains here and there across your mattress. That thought is full grown now, and you finally come to the realization that you have bed bugs.

The shock and horror takes a while to subside. You are completely devastated and your mind plays that trick on you where you feel as if bugs are crawling all over you, when, in fact, they are not. You scratch and cry and scream and cry and can’t even imagine how this could happen to you. After all, you have a very neat and tidy home. You instantly think ‘internet’ and run to your computer to Google bed bugs. You are amazed to find that bed bugs will actually invade anywhere that they can find a meal. Wow, you always thought they would only invade dirty, squalid places. You continue to read and discover that there are over-the-counter remedies that you can use to eliminate bed bugs. You search on a couple of those items to find their reviews and are disappointed to discover that the reviews are not encouraging. Nope, DIY is not the answer! You search again, but this time for home remedies. After all, you want those bugs out, and right now! It only takes you one night to realize that those were not successful either.

Back to the internet you go, only this time you find Action Pest Control. You maneuver to the pest id search icon and search for bed bugs. You quickly realize that you do, indeed, have bed bugs. You click on that icon and read about these little pests. Then you scroll down to see how Action Pest uses K-9 bed bug units to successfully locate these elusive pests and their lairs. You realize that knowing where these bugs are hiding out is paramount in effective eradication. Then you click on the ‘heat treatment’ icon. You read about how Action Pest can target heat treatments to completely eliminate these bugs. The heat treatments are safe because Action’s certified technicians know exactly how to place the heaters and closely monitor temperatures to ensure the safety of your home. A thrill rushes up your spine as you realize you may have actually found the answer to be rid of these pests! One last search – you click on the link to read the actual customer reviews. As you read what those customers are saying about Action Pest a smile slowly forms on your lips and you breathe a deep sigh of relief.

The next thing you know, one of the certified technicians from Action Pest is knocking on your door to complete your free inspection. He was so kind and professional and encouraging. Before you know it those pesky bed bugs are a distant memory, and you owe it all to taking action with a call to Action Pest Control!