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Benefits Of Ice Melt

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Yes, you can’t avoid it any longer. Winter is here and the roads can get messy – even in the Lexington. That means that your driveway and sidewalks are slippery too. Ice melt is the best way to protect yourself and everyone who visits your home or business. The benefits of ice melt make your winter season easier on your back, your property, and your wallet.

What Is Ice Melt?

Ice melt is not rock salt. Rock salt is bad on your driveway, your concrete, your grass, and your car. Ice melt is a professional-grade solution that you sprinkle on potentially slick areas when the temperatures drop. Simply sprinkle on and watch the ice disappear from your driveway or walkway. You don’t need to do any more than sprinkle and go.

Benefits Of Ice Melt

Ice melt is an affordable solution to keep your home and business free from ice dangers. The benefits of ice melt are appealing to homeowners, renters, and business owners alike. Your insurance company appreciates the regard for safety, too. Here are a few benefits you will appreciate.

  1. It removes ice - We should point out the most obvious benefit of ice melt: it prevents ice from forming on concrete, stone, and asphalt surfaces. You can sprinkle ice melt in the morning when you wake up to melt the ice away, or you can sprinkle it on your driveway or walkway the night before if you know freezing temperatures are in the forecast.
  2. It is safe for your grass - Ice melt is safe for your grass and outside landscaping. Many chemical products are not. When you sprinkle ice melt outside, you don’t have to worry about frying your foliage or about harmful chemicals seeping into your grassy surfaces.
  3. Not lethal to pets - When you use any ice melting product on your walkway and driveway, you must worry about its effects on your human kids and your 4-legged kids. Sodium chloride rock salt and potassium chloride can be lethal when pets ingest them. Ice melt does not present the same health risks.
  4. You prevent insurance suits against you - There is a legal benefit of using ice melt, and it’s not one many people in KY think about because of our mild weather. When you use ice melt on your sidewalks, walkways, and driveway, you reduce your exposure to a potential lawsuit. Yes, that’s right. If someone slips and falls on your property, you will get the bill, and in many cases, you will be slapped with a lawsuit. As a property owner, it is your responsibility to prevent the potential for injuries, liability claims and lawsuits, even though you have insurance.
  5. It’s affordable - When you avoid ice melt, you put yourself at risk, you put your wallet at risk, and if you use the wrong product, you put your home at risk. That can cost you a lot after each winter season. Buying a couple buckets of ice melt for a little more than $50 bucks is the best way to hang on to your money.

Call Action Pest Control today and order your professional-grade ice melt. We will deliver two 5 gallon buckets of ice melt to your front door. You will receive 100 lbs. of ice melt, and it will cost you only $54.95.