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Decking The Halls, Louisville Pests In Your Storage Boxes

storage box of Chistmas decor

Once again it's time to deck your halls! – And what a glorious time it is! Everything is beautiful, including the decorations that you will put up. For some, this time of year may even include a fresh blanket of snow to cover the dull, brown grass. This all helps us to get into the holiday spirit, but are you dreading what you might find when you go into your basement, attic, or storage space to sort through boxes in search of your Christmas decorations? What will you find in there besides your decorations? It's possible a number of pests in Louisville found their way into your boxes. Some may have eaten their way in and wreaked havoc throughout the year. There could be a pest cemetery, of sorts, that might consist of various droppings, exoskeletons, and remains. There may even be a few live pests, and that is just not something you will want to deal with.

What could you possibly find besides your cherished ornaments, garland, and tangled lights? It’s possible that a dead rodent is lurking there, if you have not taken precautions to prevent them from entering your home. Cockroaches, maggots, weevils, beetles, and spiders may also have taken up residence in there. You will want to remove all unwanted pests from the boxes before taking them to your living space; and even then, you might not see every single pest that needs to be removed. You will find out later which pests snuck a ride in the box as they crawl out and make their presence known while you are celebrating the holidays with your family and friends.

You could try sealing up all entry points inside your home, but pests may still find their way in. Pest control chemicals that you administer yourself could pose a danger to the health of you and your family; and many DIY applications can be time consuming and costly, not to mention there is still no guarantee that you will be successful. In many cases, misuse often results in the pest problem growing worse and even spreading to other areas that were not previously infested.

Inevitably, you will make it through this season with the decorations that are not damaged or with newly purchased treasures; but it will be more important than ever to think ahead and take precautionary measures when you pack things away this year. We recommend storing your decorations in durable containers with lids that have a firm seal. We also encourage you to give Action Pest Control a call to learn more about our home pest control in Louisville, Kentucky and throughout our service area.

Using airtight storage bins to keep out pests and keep your decorations organized this year may help lessen your chances of a pest infestation; however, the only guaranteed way to take control and ensure that pests absolutely will not be an issue is with year-round pest control service from the experts here at Action Pest. Protect your home, and your holiday, by taking action. Contact Action Pest Control today!