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Christmas Cookies And Cockroaches

a cockroach on a kitchen counter

There are a lot of things that go great on Christmas cookies. You can make them with a glaze, or some frosting. You can cover them in sprinkles, and add a festive design. You can drizzle trails of fudge across the top, or dot them with chocolate chips. There is no wrong way to make Christmas cookies.

There are a lot of things that go great inside Christmas cookies. You can crush up some mints and bake them inside. You can fill the center with caramel or peanut butter. You can choose something healthy, like raisins, nuts, or oats. The choices are nearly endless.

There are also a lot of things that go great with Christmas cookies. You may like to dip your cookies in some hot chocolate or some other warm mocha drink. You might like to have your Christmas cookies with hot apple cider, or maybe a cold drink of eggnog makes the perfect combination. But there is one thing that does not go great with Christmas cookies. You've probably already guessed what it is.

Here in Glenview, there is one cockroach in particular that can ruin a good batch of Christmas cookies. It is small, tan, and shiny. If you've seen them in you Glenview kitchen, here are a few things you should know.

  • German cockroaches aren't just small, they're really small. And, the offspring of German cockroaches are tiny enough to crawl through the holes in an outlet. In fact, the holes in your wall outlet may be the route these roaches are taking in and out of your kitchen or pantry. If you want to protect your Christmas cookie ingredients, look for black or dark brown streak marks and "dust" on your outlets, walls, or baseboards. You may also see droppings on the floor next to the wall.
  • German cockroaches are mobile. They can climb walls, cross ceilings, and get into places you wouldn't expect them to be able to. Your Christmas cookie ingredients will not be safe from these insects.
  • German cockroaches spread illness. These bugs don't stay in your pantry, like many pantry pests do. They go from trash cans, drain pipes, toilet bowl rims, and other dirty places, right into your pantry and food cabinets. And illness and Christmas cookies are another thing that don't go great together.
  • German cockroaches can carry diseases. The feces from these roaches can contain human-spread pathogens. This can taint the surfaces you plan to make cookies on, and also contaminate your pantry products.

There are a lot of things that go great with Christmas cookies. German cockroaches are not one of them. If you're seeing shiny, tan cockroaches in your Glenview kitchen, take action and call Action Pest Control to discuss our home pest control plans. Christmas is better without cockroaches.