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It's Springtime! Time To Think About Keeping Pests Out!

black ants in a home

What do you think about when you think of springtime? Perhaps you think about new buds forming on the trees. Maybe you picture spring flowers rising up, or get excited at the thought of sinking your gardening tools into the fresh new earth. But do you think about bugs? You probably should. It won't be long before they start to emerge from their winter hiding places and multiplying like crazy. And when they do, will you be ready? Will your home be secure?

If you would rather keep pests out of your home this spring, the following tips may be of help:

  • Seal up all entry points. Carefully inspect the outside of your home for gaps or cracks in your foundation, walls and roof area. Use a caulking gun to seal any holes you find. Don't forget to look at areas around pipes, wires, air conditioning units, or other objects that pass through your exterior walls. It only takes the tiniest of holes to let pests in.
  • Consider adding a mesh barrier under porches and decks to ward off any furry, four-legged friends.
  • Trim back all trees and bushes well away from your home. Insects and animals use these as bridges to get to the outside of your home.
  • Keep all firewood or other wooden materials away from your house and up off the ground. Termites and other pests love to live in damp wood.
  • Remove any piles of leaves, grass or other clutter, and dry up any areas of standing water. Pests love to hide in clutter and debris, and they are drawn to water for drinking as well as for potential breeding sites.
  • Store all food in your refrigerator or inside sealed plastic containers. If pests do find their way inside your home, they will be less likely to stay if they don’t find any sources of food or water.
  • Only put pet food down at meal times. Otherwise, store their food in sealed containers.
  • Clean the inside of your home and pay close attention to areas where food particles may be present, and don't forget hard-to-reach places, such as under the fridge and between the stove and counter.
  • Remove sources of water inside your home. Fix any leaky pipes, sinks, tubs or toilets, and use fans or dehumidifiers to remove humidity.

Sometimes, despite our best efforts, pests manage to get past our defenses and invade our homes. And while some insects are just a nuisance, others can do significant damage to our homes and health. If you are dealing with invading spring pests, consider the help of a professional pest control company. Here at Action Pest Control, we have 10 branch locations, over 120 employees, and 68 years of experience helping home and business owners stay pest-free. If you live in Indiana, Kentucky, or Illinois, and you need help with any household pest, the friendly staff here at Action would be more than happy to help. Let Action get rid of pests in your home, so you can enjoy your springtime pest-free.