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How To Prevent Common House Pests

Louisville Pest Prevention

What are house pests? The insects and rodents that fall under this title include house flies, the house mouse, spiders, and other pests that attempt to get into your home. What can be done to prevent these ‘house pests’ from taking up residence inside your home? Here are some tips from the Terre Haute pest control professionals at Action Pest Control to deter house pests looking to get inside your home!

To prevent pests from entering, you need to locate potential entry points around your home. Are there cracks in the foundation? If so, you could be allowing ants indoors. Are there gaps in siding or holes in the exterior of your home? This could allow in any number of house pests in Indianapolis. Blocking up these possible entry points can help limit the number of house pests you find inside your home.

Good sanitation practices and never leaving food out on counters can go a long way in preventing house pests from thriving in your home. Make sure that the food in your cupboards and on the counters gets stored in airtight plastic or metal containers and regularly clean your kitchen, paying close attention to areas around and behind appliances.

Regularly take out your garbage. When you remove it from your home, store it in a trash can with a tightly fitting lid a distance away from your home. Garbage can attract flies and mice, which will both be looking to get into your home if they are nearby.

Store wood piles away from the home as well. Mice and spiders find wood piles great places to hide; keeping the pile well away from your home can help limit the number of house pests that make it into your house.

Trim vegetation away from your home. This can prevent pests from accessing your home via tree limbs and shrubs that may be touching the side or roof of your home.

Reduce areas of moisture inside your home. Pests can thrive in moist environments, so reduce moisture and humidity through the use of a dehumidifier and vents in bathrooms and laundry rooms.

Cut down on the clutter. When you remove clutter, you give pests fewer hiding places. For items stored in basements, attics, and garages, keep them stored in air-tight plastic containers rather than easily chewed or destroyed cardboard boxes to protect them from pest damage and to eliminate pest harborage areas.

Contact the pest control professionals in Terre Haute, Indianapolis, or Louisville to provide year-round pest prevention services. With services from Action Pest Control, you can trust that your home will remain free from pests all year round!

If you have been suffering from an influx of house pests recently, give us a call! We would be happy to send out one of our knowledgeable pest control technicians for a free inspection. Our technician will do a thorough examination of your home to determine your specific pest pressures and then come up with a treatment plan that will suit your home’s needs and your budget. For pest control in Louisville, Terre Haute, or Indianapolis, be sure to contact us today!