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Bed Bugs Lurk At Movie Theaters

bed bug on a seat in the movie theators

Have you been to a scary movie lately? Well, consider this, what is IN the movie theater may actually be scarier than what is on the screen. That's right. We're talking about bed bugs. Here are some things that make going to the theater a little creepier than it used to be.

Do bed bugs only live in beds?

First of all, we have to get the idea that these bugs only infest beds right out of our minds. This is simply not true. It isn't even true when bed bugs find their way into our homes. They can be found infesting upholstered furniture, baseboards, outlets, wall voids, and even electronics. All of these items can be found in movie theaters as well.

Are bed bugs nocturnal?

It is also widely assumed that bed bugs hide in the day and only come out at night. While these bugs are definitely prone to nocturnal behavior, it is only because they like the dark. The next time you're sitting in the theater, remember that bed bugs don't need it to be night time to feed.

Don't bed bugs need us to be asleep?

These bugs can draw blood from a human that is fully awake. Like other blood-eating bugs, these little critters inject an anticoagulant that thins blood and makes drawing it out a painless process. That's why, while you're eating your popcorn, they can be biting you.

Won't I feel them crawling around on me?

Bed bugs go through 5 stages of development before reaching adulthood. In some of those stages, called instars, those bed bugs can be extremely small. So, you may not feel it when they walk across your skin in the middle of a terrifying chase scene.

Aren't bed bugs drawn to CO2?

Someone might have told you at some point that bed bugs can sense the rise in CO2 levels. They may also have explained that we put out a lot more CO2 when we're sleeping because our breathing becomes deep and rhythmic. While this is true, it is also true that dozens of people in one room will also increase CO2 levels. This makes the perfect environment for bed bugs to get busy looking for blood.

So, should you be worried?

No. The point of this article isn't to make you afraid to go to the movies. It is only to encourage you to do a quick bed bug check when you do go.

  • Use the light on your phone to examine your seat and the surrounding seats for black residue, shed insect skins, and dark brown blood spots.
  • Know what a bed bug looks like. Recognizing these bugs can put you on alert when you see them and prevent you from bringing them home.
  • Bed bugs have a smell. If there are enough bed bugs in the theater you are in, your nose may tell you. The scent from the glands of bed bugs produces a musty odor that resembles the smell of moldy clothes.

By taking these simple precautions, you can prevent these hitchhiking bugs from returning home with you and turning your life into a scary movie. If they do, remember that Action Pest Control has a proven track record for quickly and thoroughly eradicating bed bugs. When these bugs appear, take action, and get Action.