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Bed Bugs May Need A New Name

bed bug in a home

The bed bug, or Cimex lectularius, has long been associated with living in or near beds--and for good reason. These insects are blood eaters--but they do not have the mobility of the mosquito, so they must find a home near their food source and crawl out to get at it. That is why the Roman experts labeled these bugs Cimex (meaning bug) and lectularius (meaning bed or couch). This is where these bugs were most often found; but our friends, the Romans, failed to inform us that these bugs can live in a much wider variety of places.

Where Are Bed Bugs Found

If you think you can only pick bed bugs up by staying in a hotel, you couldn't be more wrong. These bugs have been found anywhere people sit or lie down.

  • Transportation: If you plan to be traveling by boat, plane, train, bus, taxi, or subway, you should know that bed bugs have been found in all of these places. Be aware that black residue on stitching, shed insect casings, and stains are signs of infestation.
  • Movies theaters: While you're eating popcorn, something could be eating you. Bed bugs have been found in movies theaters. It is always a good idea to use the flashlight on your phone to do a quick check for black residue or the oval, rust-colored insects themselves.
  • Libraries: Yes. Bed bugs have been found in libraries. It only makes sense. Where are you most likely to leave your book between readings? That's right, near your bed, couch, or recliner. These are the perfect spots for bed bugs to get to them and hitch a ride to the library. Bed bugs are also brought into libraries in clothes and book bags.
  • Police stations: Bed bugs have been found infesting dispatch centers, police headquarters, and police vehicles. These bugs are becoming more and more of an issue for emergency responders because they sometimes pick these bugs up when they go on calls.
  • Walmart: Gasp! Not Walmart. Is nothing sacred? Apparently not. These pests were found in the employee break room of a Colorado Walmart.

The biggest weapon in the war against bed bugs is public awareness. The more people understand how these bugs spread and what signs to look for, the harder it will be for them to get around. Perhaps it is time for a name change. What name do you think would help people understand these bugs better? The hitchhiker bug? The upholstered furniture bug?

At Action Pest Control, we are dedicated to increasing public awareness of bed bugs. The more residents and business owners understand about these infesting parasites, the less economic impact they will have, and the faster we will be at stopping infestations before they start.

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