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Mice Extermination In Indianapolis

a rodent eating seeds

There are many kinds of mice that will seek harborage in a man-made structures. Each of these species of mice have some minor differences in how they behave. But, there are two reasons that all mice have for entering these structures. Can you think of them? This is an important reflective moment. That's why we're drawing it out. If you want to be effective at keeping mice out of your warehouse, processing plant, transport vehicles, food storage or restaurant kitchens, you need to understand what draws them in.

Mice are foragers. You probably guessed this one. But do you know how food plays a part in making your business vulnerable to these pests? If you store food, there is no doubt you are aware that all that food is enticing to mice. But stored food packages are not what lure mice in. Mice are drawn into your exterior walls long before they come in to eat your stored goods. So, what food is drawing them in? Often it is exterior trash receptacles or the aroma of rotting food coming from a dumpster. If you secure and seal all trash and remove it from your property on a weekly basis, you will reduce the number of mice on your property.

Mice enter man-made structures as harborage. There are many factors that can lure or drive mice to seek a new shelter. If you start a new building project in a field next to your property, you can expect that field mice will be displaced from their homes and seek a new place to make their home. When heavy rains come and the water table rises, mice leave their holes and seek a safer place to be. When winter approaches and temperatures drop, mice will be looking for the warmest place to wait out the cold. There isn't a lot you can do about the many factors that cause mice to seek refuge, but you can resist them when they come onto your property.

  • Make sure they do not find entry points big enough to fit through or weak enough to chew through.
  • Be sure you do not have weeds or overgrowth around the perimeter of your building. These conditions make mice feel safe.
  • Make sure the downspouts on your gutter system are filled with mesh wire so mice can't use these pipes to gain access to vulnerable areas on your roof.
  • Keep your bushes and shrubs at least 2 feet from your exterior walls.
  • Cut your trees back from your roofline so mice cannot use them as a bridge to get onto your roof.
  • Put a baiting system in place to catch and kill mice that are exploring your exterior walls. A continual monitoring of traps will inform you of the number of mice that are threatening your business.

No business should be without a comprehensive home pest control plan. If you need assistance drawing up a plan that will keep mice and other invasive pests out of your Indianapolis business, give Action Pest Control a call. Our Quality-Pro award-winning team of board-certified entomologists and state-certified pest management professionals are looking forward to being your guides in this all too important issue. When it comes to pests, it’s always best to take Action and get Action. Reach out today to get started and to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services in Indianapolis.