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Bird Exclusion Services For Indiana Businesses

a pigeon resting

One of the most overlooked sources of damage and expense incurred among business owners involves pest birds. Some of the damages a property owner can experience include roofs, machinery, automobiles, and ventilation systems. Bird droppings contain uric acid with a high enough PH level to be able to eat through many types of building materials. Most people think of uric acid as being very damaging to metal roofs, but tar-based roofs are also very vulnerable to bird droppings. Roofs in which droppings accumulate will eventually leak and can cut the life expectancy of the roof in half.

Other areas heavily damaged by bird droppings are automobiles and other painted surfaces. Customers are not impressed upon returning to their vehicle only to find a splattering of bird droppings on the windshield and painted surfaces of their car, and the longer the dropping stays on the paint, the heavier the damage. At the very least, the customer incurs the cost of a car wash! Perhaps a one-time occurrence can be overlooked, but clearly, any customer whose car is defaced by bird feces more than once or twice while at your business will be searching for another place to do business. Reputation is an additional area of damage that pest birds cause business owners. No one enjoys unsightly bird droppings or squawking birds flying around them as they try to enter a business establishment. Many companies spend multiple thousands of dollars advertising and building up a client base only to earn a bad reputation due to the presence of pest birds. No amount of advertising can overcome the negative effect pest birds have on customers. The birds must be eradicated!

Property damage is only a portion of the concern from heavy populations of birds in commercial facilities. Not only do birds cause millions of dollars in property damage but perhaps an even greater risk is in the area of health issues. In addition to destroying property, bird droppings can cause respiratory problems, food poisoning, and other viral infections. A buildup of bird droppings has caused customers and employees to slip and fall, putting the property owner at great risk of medical expenses and even lawsuits.

While other birds cause occasional issues, the most common pest birds throughout Indiana creating the greatest amount of damage are pigeons, starlings, and sparrows. Removing pigeons from commercial buildings is almost an impossible feat for the DIY individual. There are several things to take into consideration when choosing the type of exclusion method or bird deterrent. Some of those factors include the type of bird, the location of the building, the time of year, and even climate conditions. The most effective approach is through your Indiana home pest control specialist.

Action Pest Control has many years of experience in successfully solving bird problems for our residential and commercial customers. Our bird control services offer the highest priority on using the safest, most humane, and most effective treatments. Give us a call today to schedule your inspection and get started on our bird control services in Indiana.