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Uninvite Pests To Your Thanksgiving Day Festivities

a thanksgiving table prepared table in a dining room of a house

Most people have a natural, built-in aversion to certain pests, hating them above other household pests.  Although there are several others, the three that immediately come to mind are mice, spiders, and bed bugs.  The Thanksgiving holiday is upon us, representing the time of year when we can expect an increase in activity with these and other pests.

During this time of the year, most of us are either traveling to be with family and friends or preparing to receive guests into our homes.  While this is a fun time of visiting and celebrating Thanksgiving, it also brings an increased risk of exposure to bed bugs.  Public transportation venues and motels are excellent places in which to become introduced to those hitchhiking bed bugs.  It can be assumed that in any place there are people, there is a chance that bed bugs are present.  After all, they need your blood for survival.

That motel your guests stayed in while en route to your home is an ideal place for bed bugs to hitch a ride and come along as an additional guest.  This unwanted, uninvited bed bug could have easily made its way into a suitcase and then escaped into your home.  Action Pest in Lexington and surrounding areas is well-equipped to handle this dilemma in the event you see signs of bed bugs.

Another dreaded pest that seems to increase in numbers during this season is the common house mouse.  Mice are always foraging for food, water, and shelter.  As we approach those winter months, mice begin making their way inside, taking up residence in your homes and businesses.  They have a keen sense of smell but are not particular.  It could be the delectable Thanksgiving dinner or the leftovers in the trash that attract mice into the home.  There is very little that is more embarrassing than getting ready for a delicious meal only to hear a guest scream at the sight of a mouse scurrying across the floor of your kitchen.

Finally, don’t forget those fearful spiders.  The approach of colder weather seems to drive spiders inside homes in greater numbers than normal.  Again, just the sight of a spider gives those Thanksgiving guests a big fearful case of the shivers. Action Pest Control is very much aware of the pest problems in Lexington. When you contact us, you will immediately find that we take great pride in protecting the people and property of the greater Lexington area. 

Take action and contact Action Pest Control today for the removal and control of your household pests.