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Real Help For Spring Ants

ants on a leaf in spring

There are many types of ants that attack your Louisville home as spring weather causes them to become active once again. The most common ants that plague homes are carpenter ants, odorous house ants, crazy ants, pharaoh ants, and pavement ants. All of these ants can damage your home and get into your food. But carpenter ants are decidedly more destructive. If you're looking to protect your investment and keep these pests from driving you crazy, you've come to the right place. Most articles you'll find on the internet will tell you how to kill ants, but killing ants is like turning the warning light off on the dashboard of your car. There is still a problem with your engine, you just don't see it anymore.

Turning Off The Warning Light

Let's say you find a self-help solution that will effectively kill the ants that are coming into your kitchen or pantry, without poisoning your children or pets. You still have a colony in or around your home. You can kill those ants all day, every day, and never fix the root of the problem.

Let's say you find an article on how to protect your food products by sealing them in hard plastic containers, and how to keep ants from coming into your kitchen by cleaning counters, floors and rugs. Though keeping food sources like jelly, toast crumbs and juice spills cleaned up will deter ants from coming into you kitchen or pantry, you haven't fixed your problem. Those ants are still crawling through your wall voids and damaging the wood in your home. If you have carpenter ants, the destruction could be significant.

There are a million articles on how to keep ants out of your kitchen, and some of them will help you do just that. But ants don't belong in your home at all.

Fixing The Root Of The Problem

Fixing a pest problem requires a certified professional. If you have ants, you need a pest controller that has an education in ant behaviors and habitats. Large pest management companies like Action Pest Control have certified entomologists on staff that formulate pest plans that work. Field technicians, some of whom are also entomologists, locate and destroy ant colonies at their source. They will also seal entry points and put in residual barriers to keep ants from penetrating your walls in the future. When you have an experienced company like Action Pest Control, with certified and educated professionals working to protect your home, you know that your home will be safe.

Don't turn the warning light off on your ant problem, and don't take the chance that you're going to make it worse. Partner with a company like Action Pest Control and fix the root of your problem. Professional help is real help for spring ants.