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Action Pest Control Fumigation FAQ

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If you're looking for a 100% reduction in target pest populations virtually overnight, a fumigation may be the reset your company needs. Action pest control has over 30 years of experience in safely performing fumigation services for businesses, both large and small. Here are the most frequently asked questions about pest fumigations, answered by the specialists at Action Pest Control.

What Pests Are Targeted? 

Fumigations are effective in eliminating bed bugs, spiders, psocids, grain and flour beetles, rodents and many other pests.

Are Fumigations Safe? 

When done by experienced professionals like Action Pest Control, yes. Action Pest Control makes sure that fumigants cannot escape the enclosed area and that all sensitive materials inside a home or business are protected or removed, like fish and other contained pets, food that is not in a can, plants and other organic items. And, they worry about these details, like turning off gas to the home and making sure there is no pilot light left on.

Do Fumigants Have A Smell? 

No. That is why a warning agent is used. The warning agent Chloropicrin is used to give off a warning smell. If any human or animal were able to wander into an area where fumigation is happening, this agent would hurt their eyes, irritate their lungs and drive them out of dangerous fumes.

Do These Fumigants Stay All Over Everything? 

The gases used in fumigation leave no residue and even dishes exposed to these gases are safe to eat off of after a treatment.

Where Can Fumigation Be Used? 

Action Pest Control has successfully performed fumigations for flour mills, warehousing facilities, some of the nation's leading food and pharmaceutical plants, residential structures, seed processors, feed manufacturers, grain bins, rail cars, barges, tractor trailers, museum collections, furniture and antiquities.

Are Fumigations Safe For Post-Harvest Products? 

Action has used a cylinderized source of 100% phosphine, Vaporph3os® and Profume to protect post-harvest products like tobacco, corn, rice, soybeans, wheat and more.

What Does It Cost To See If Fumigation Is Right For My Home Or Business? 

Action offers free fumigation consultations. You can contact them at (888) 835-1225.

Find out if fumigation is the right choice for you? Whether you are trying to protect an antique clock or a 20 million cubic foot food processing facility, Action Pest Control can get it done quickly and safely. Their service area includes Indianapolis, Terre Haute, Louisville, and throughout the states of Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio, Michigan and Missouri.