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Battle Of The Ants In The War On Pests

fire ants on the ground

During the work day at Action Pest Control we often receive phone calls that sound a bit like this “I have been battling ants now for about 2 weeks. I caulked the windows, did the spray and the ant traps and they just keep coming, help what am I doing wrong”? We get these calls so often because ant control, despite what the cans of ant spray say, is not any easy task. We would like to help you understand these tiny creatures and why getting professional help is your quickest and safest option when it comes to ant infestations.

Ants are very social creatures and live in colonies that can have thousands and thousands of members in it. They divide themselves into 3 castes; workers, soldiers (defend the colony), and reproductives (kings and queens). The ants that you are most likely seeing traveling throughout your kitchen and home are the workers. Once a food source is discovered by the workers they form a scent trail and travel back and forth to it from the nesting area in large numbers until either the food runs out or they are stopped!

A good way to start controlling ants is to make sure that all garbage is secure. Inside your home garbage should be removed regularly and outside it should be kept in cans will tight locking lids. Food should be kept either in the refrigerator or in sealed containers. Don’t leave dirty dishes in your sink for long periods of time. Any large or small cracks or crevices in the foundation or exterior walls of your home should be sealed and gaps around windows and doors should be caulked.

The control measure listed about are good way to help prevent ants, but they will not completely stop them. The only true way to eliminate and control ants effectively on your property is with the help of a professional. Yes, there are many different options for DIY ant control but they are just a small band-aid. They may treat the few ants you are seeing, but do nothing to solve the root of your problem. Also DIY ant treatments can be dangerous if they are not used or mixed correctly they can be a health risk for you, your children, your pets, and your plants.

The best and most effective way to control ants is through a professional ant control program like the TermaPest Systems from Action. Our experts have the training, knowledge and skill to correctly identify what species of ant is invading your property, inspect for entrance points and find all the nesting areas. We utilize safe treatment options to eliminate all ants and nests on your property and will recommend ways to keep ants out. Our continuous service will take steps to prevent future problems with these tiny pests.

Contact Action today about any of our five TermaPest Services. These year-round pest control programs will not only eliminate any problems with ants that you are having, but will control over 40 other common household pests. Start living the pest-free life with Action. Our treatments are safe, effective, and our services are scheduled with your convenience in mind.