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Put Fumigation To Work In Your Business

a large commercial building

It is never an easy thing to realize you need a professional to help you remove creepy pests from your home – but it reaches a whole new level when you have to eliminate these creatures from your business. Companies are held to a much higher standard of cleanliness, and even though the appearance of insects really is no reflection on cleanliness, their arrival in your business setting can be extremely costly – both in monetary value and in reputation. The emergence of even one cockroach in your restaurant, for example, could close you down and send customers packing. Besides, it is never any easy thing to exterminate these pests in your business setting – there are so many things to consider! What type of business is it? Is it safe to use certain types of pesticides in your line of work? What is the most cost-effective means of elimination? Which products are best to use around food? And those are just a few of the questions that swarm through your mind!

It is never a good idea to try and tackle your pest problem on your own when so much is at stake. Reputation is so crucial in today’s highly competitive worldwide marketplace; and the need to keep your ‘edge’ is more important now than it ever was – especially since word spreads at the speed of the internet! One of the best options for businesses to consider when requiring pest control is fumigation. Fumigation is a highly complex procedure that can safely eliminate the pests in your work environment with almost 100% reduction of your pests in about a day. And everyone knows that time is money in the business world. Here at Action Pest Control our local experts are successful in both structural and grain fumigation. We regularly perform fumigation services for:

  • Food plants
  • Grain bins
  • Seed processors
  • Flour mills
  • Feed manufacturers
  • Pharmaceutical plants
  • Railroad cars, barges, and tractor trailers
  • Just to name a few!

With over 60 years of experience and more than 70 state-certified pest management professionals on staff you can trust Action Pest to protect your reputation and your pocket book when dealing with your creeping, flying, or crawling insect needs.