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Indianapolis 2015 Pest Prevention Checklist

a german roach up close

Your friends at Action Pest Control would like you to have a pest free year, so here is how you can get off on the right foot. The following are ways you and your family can make your home less inviting to bugs, rodents, and other pest animals.

  • An open trash is a food source and a nesting place for bugs and wild animals, and the smell lures pests from a great distance.
  • Working screens, door sweeps, and weather stripping, keep insects out. Make sure yours are in good working order.
  • Keep grass cut, bushes trimmed away from your home, and clutter out of your yard. A trim lawn with no hiding spaces will make your yard feel less safe to many pests.
  • Never keep wood products like construction materials and firewood in your yard. This draws wood eating insects in close to your exterior walls.
  • Many insects are drawn in by light. Consider replacing outside white lights with insect-resistant yellow lighting, or keep them turned off. If you attract flying insects, they will attract spiders.
  • Keep your drapes closed at night. There is a reason spiders make their webs in window panes; it is to trap flying insects as they fly in toward the light.
  • Keep your counters clean. All it takes is a drop of butter to feed a bug.
  • Clean your rugs periodically. Crumbs that fall off plates can feed anything from a cockroach to a mite.
  • Insects love sticky spills. If you spill juice, sugar, or anything sweet, be sure to clean it up thoroughly. And, mop your floors on a regular basis.
  • Deep cleaning under your fridge or on the sides of your oven will keep a large variety of bugs away, but especially cockroaches--which love tight places.
  • Consider investing in hard plastic containers for your cereal, panty items, and pet food. This will keep pantry pests, rodents, roaches, ants, and other bugs from being lured in by the smells--and prevent them from chewing their way into your foods.
  • Store fruit in the refrigerator, till you are ready to eat it. Fruit flies lay their tiny eggs on fruit. When the fruit gets rip enough, those eggs will hatch. Though the cold of a refrigerator won't kill the eggs, it will prevent them from hatching.
  • Putting wire mesh at the bottom of downspouts will prevent rodents from gaining access to your roofline.
  • Trim back branches that come close to your roof and put something sharp and pointy on wires that go from your house to a nearby telephone pole.

If you continue to have problems with pests in your home, give Action Pest Control a call. They can show you exclusion methods specific to your home, and the pests that are a problem for you. Make 2015 the year your home became pest free. Partner with Action Pest Control. It's worth every penny.