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Controlling Creepy Crawlers In Louisville Businesses | Action Pest Control

a cockroach on a tile floor

"I'm so glad I saw a cockroach in the restroom," said no one--ever. No matter what business you own in the Louisville area, bugs are not going to help you draw in, or retain customers. But we're not telling you anything you don't know. Here are some real reviews from TripAdvisor and Yelp to help you see things from the customer's point of view.

"A 2 inch COCKROACH fell in my wife's hair and then ran across the table. All the manager did was offer us a couple of free drinks. YUCK!"

"Stopped in for lunch one afternoon and sat outside on their patio, we were immediately engulfed by small black ants in our food, in our lap everywhere… Won't be back."

"I will never eat at **** again. When I finally got my food, I decided to sit down at the very back only to find hundreds of ants by my feet. I was at shock of how many ants there was. I noticed them coming out of the wall. Very gross."

"This place was awful. Dead spiders in the bathroom two days we were there. Not a very good place to stay."

"... when we came back to the hotel the insects were still there, coming from where the jacuzzi shoots out water. The second day again as we saw them again...Very very upsetting will not come back ever again."

"We moved to a second room after the cockroach and the new room was the same if slightly worse, so I'm guessing all the rooms are in the same condition. Stay at your peril…"

"We were sooo excited to finally get a room here! The view and beach side were amazing. The cottages are super cute, but our room had 5 mice crawling all over the place!"

Whether you own a restaurant, hotel or some other business that offers services to customers, pests negatively affect how people feel about your business. With digital reviews becoming more and more a part of your customer's decision-making process, it is becoming more essential to keep pests out. This one factor could make the difference between you getting the business or your competitor getting the business.

You can always trust Action Pest Control to protect your business from the "bad press" insects and wildlife create. Our proactive approach to pest management is industry-leading and comprehensive. We don't react to pest problems. We stop them "before" they can hurt your business. Take action and get Action!