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Why Fumigations Are An Effective Pest Control Method

Row of Townhomes in Louisville

Fumigations can be an effective tool to control pest populations both inside residential and commercial settings. In homes, fumigations can be effective in controlling populations of brown recluse spiders as well as bed bugs. In commercial settings, fumigations tend to help control beetles, boll weevils, meal moths, psocids, and other problematic pests. Why choose fumigation services from the Louisville pest control professionals at Action Pest Services?

Here are a few great reasons to fumigate your residential or commercial structure:

  • Fumigations are almost 100% effective at exterminating pest populations. Our professionals most often kill bed bugs and gain total bed bug control through the use of fumigation; we use this method to get rid of bed bugs in homes and multi-housing units, including apartment buildings.
  • Because a bed bug fumigation or a brown recluse fumigation allows the pest control material to reach every nook and cranny of a structure, they are effective at killing bed bugs and brown recluse spiders that have escaped into wall voids and areas where our pest control technicians cannot manually treat.
  • Fumigations are not limited to buildings; belongings can be fumigated as well and with more than 30 years of experience, we’ve utilized fumigation services to control pest populations in many different types of items, including furniture such as antique clocks.
  • Pest fumigation is not something that can be done without the assistance of a pest control professional. At Action, our experienced and knowledgeable Louisville exterminators have the tools to handle this highly complex procedure so that your home or business is safely fumigated and pests are eliminated.

If you are looking for bed bug control, spider control, or pest control for potentially damaging pests in your food and pharmaceutical plants, flour mills, warehousing facilities, barges, or trailers, look no further than the professionals at Action Pest Control. With a long list of companies and industries that have provided fumigation for, we are confident that we can help you by providing services for whatever your fumigation needs may be.

Give the pros at Action a call today to learn more about our fumigation services for the residential sector, including multi-housing units, or to find out how our commercial fumigation services can help you get rid of pests quickly and efficiently throughout our large service area.