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Fumigations Safely Control Infestations In Sensitive Environments

a restaurant facility

No matter how large, every company deals with pests. And, the larger the company, the harder the task, because government agencies step in with regulations and red tape. James Sargent, director of technical support for Copesan Services Inc. says, “It was against the law in 1938 to have pests in the processing area. Now that is being expanded to the whole plant, including areas such as the machine shop.” To run a food manufacturing facility, food processing plant, warehouse, pharmaceutical facility, or other large building that deals with biological matter, it is mandatory to keep the pests out. Sometimes this can become a losing battle. That is when fumigation is the best course. Fumigations are almost 100% effective at getting rid of all life stages of pests, and acts as a sort of “reset button” for pest prevention.

A fumigation can deal with problems as delicate as grain and flour beetles, or as harsh as rodents and roaches. They are utilized in libraries to get rid of booklice, in food storage plants to arrest cockroach populations, in residential buildings to remove common pests, in barges to eradicate mites, in restaurants for roach and rat management, and more.

If you've been looking through the list of Louisville commercial fumigation companies, and are wondering which company to go with, make sure it's a company with a solid track record. There are many things that can go wrong with a fumigation, if a pest company doesn't care about the job they do, or lack the expertise to mix and apply the right pesticides, especially in a sensitive environment, like a pharmaceutical plant or flour mill.

A good choice in the Louisville area is Action Pest Control. They have over 30 years of success fumigating everything from antique clocks to 20 million cubic foot food processing facilities, and the expertise and professional structure to get the job done right. This is the kind of company that takes extra measures to insure that your sensitive items are safely stored outside of the fumigation area. And, they use modern monitoring devices to determine when it is safe to bring those items back in. This special care and attention to detail sets them apart from other pest companies.

If you're outside the Louisville area, see if you have an Action Pest Control near you. They service nine states. If you don't, find a company with a reputation for professional and courteous service that utilizes modern Integrated Pest Management and the latest fumigation technology. A fumigation is the right choice for keeping pests under control, but make sure to choose a company that will care as much about your business as you do.