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Used Furniture Warning: Are There Bed Bugs In There?

a bed bug in a home

Everybody loves a deal, especially when it comes to a big purchase. Furniture is one of those things that most people try to look for the best deal on because it can be so expensive to purchase brand-new. For this reason, many people are turning to the classifieds to purchase a couch, chair, or bed in hopes of getting a good deal. At Action Pest Control, we want you to get a good deal, but would also like to protect you from a bed bug infestation. It is important to be aware that the second-hand furniture you acquire will need to be thoroughly inspected so that you do not wake up one morning with bugs in your bed.

If you choose to purchase used furniture for your home you must know what bed bugs look like, and how to inspect for them. Adult bed bugs are about 3/16th of an inch in length, are a flattened oval shape, and are a reddish to brown color. Bed bug eggs are very tiny and almost invisible to the naked eye. They are very good at making themselves scarce by hiding deep in furniture’s cracks and crevices, and if you think you are safe because you aren’t buying a fabric couch or mattress think again! Bed bugs are just as likely to be found in the cracks of wooden furniture. Still not sure you've seen a bed bug? 

To inspect for bed bugs you should take a flashlight and look at the piece of furniture, deep into the cracks, and underneath any cushions or pillows. You should also look for rust-colored stains on fabrics and mattresses. After the inspection is complete it is a good idea to use a steamer and steam clean the item before bringing it into your home. This is still no guarantee of getting rid of bed bugs, but at least you know you have done everything you can to prevent them from being introduced into your home.

Despite taking precautions, if you decide to purchase used furniture you run the risk of introducing bed bugs into your home. Keep in mind that just because bed bugs make their way into your home is not a reflection on the cleanliness of your home. Bed bugs are no respecter of people...simple as that. They can be found anywhere and if you got a two-for-one deal that you didn’t bargain for it may be time to contact a bed bug exterminator. So while a good deal on furniture may seem like a savvy idea it may just be best to pass and just wait for the next sale at your local furniture store to come around.

If you do find yourself the victim of a bed bug infestation, the experts at Action Pest Control can effectively eliminate the bed bugs for you using our comprehensive bed bug control services.

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