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Ant Season, Err Spring Season Is Here!

Ants Marching In Indianapolis Home

Well, it’s that time of the year again when the ants come marching into our kitchens. What is it about the spring season that brings ant problems to Indiana and Kentucky homes? The truth is ants are just as excited about the warming trend in the weather as we are which is why the team at Action Pest Control wanted to remind you which ant species to be on the lookout for, why they are here, and how to prevent them.

While there are thousands of different species of ants across the world, right here in Indianapolis and Terre Haute, Indiana, and even in Louisville, KY, the three most prevalent ant species that we find in homes are:

Of these three species, the odorous house ants and pavement ants are considered just a nuisance pest but carpenter ants can cause serious structural damage as they carve nests into wood structures so they are more of a threat. Nuisance ants are most attracted to the food offerings in your kitchen. And if you are like most households, there are probably a few crumbs on the floor at any given time, especially if you have kids in the house. Unfortunately, crumbs and spills could ultimately be responsible for attracting ants.

As far as carpenter ants go, while they enjoy a snack in the kitchen as well, the more pressing matter is where they are excavating and forming nests. Moist, decaying wood is the ideal condition for carpenter ants which is why the damp spring season can mean trouble for homeowners. Your windows, roof eaves, and decks are at risk!

But rest assured, we have an arsenal of anti-prevention tips to help you stay ant-free this spring:

  • Remove trash from the home regularly and keep it stored in bins with tight closing lids.
  • Repair or replace any broken screens in windows where ants can crawl inside.
  • Trim back bushes and tree branches that touch the side of the home as these only create a bridge for ants to gain access to the home.
  • Deep clean the kitchen, especially under and around appliances to remove built-up grease and food debris.
  • Quickly wipe up spills and remove crumbs from the kitchen and dining room so that you do not provide food sources for ants.
  • Remove branches, sticks, and other wood debris from your property, and keep firewood stored off the ground and away from the exterior of the home.

Getting rid of ants without the help of a professional is often met with failure. That’s because killing the foraging ants will not resolve the problem. You have to locate and treat the carpenter ant colony which is not a task homeowners are successful with. Save time and energy and let us take care of ants before they take over!

At the first sign of ants this spring, please call us at Action Pest Control to learn more about our ant control services for homes in Indianapolis and Terre Haute as well as in Louisville, Kentucky and throughout our service area.