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Get Ready, The Swarms Are Coming!

Termite Swarm In Indiana

When the ground warms up in Indiana and Kentucky, not only is it a sure sign of spring but also a sign that termite swarms are coming. The reproductive termites will begin to emerge from their colonies to find a mate and form a new colony. What this really looks like is hundreds of flying insects and a few moments of sheer chaos. Although the flying termites in Indiana and Kentucky are not capable of causing any harm to you, it is a sign that you have a termite colony nearby, whether in your home, on your property, or that of a neighbor. While a termite swarm can be quite intriguing to watch, really as a homeowner, you don’t want to experience this phenomenon. That’s because termites are responsible for billions of dollars in property damages each year in the U.S. alone.

So, what can you do to avoid termite swarms this spring? Well, if you do not currently have a termite management system, termites may have already formed an underground colony. Our recommendation is to establish a termite control program like Action’s exclusive Termite Control System for your home.

You can also implement these termite prevention tips:

  • Eliminate all sources of wood from touching the soil. This means keeping firewood stacked up off the ground and avoiding wood mulching for landscaping.
  • Make sure to repair leaky pipes both inside and outside of the home to eliminate excess moisture that termites would enjoy.
  • Divert air conditioning condensation so it does not seep into the soil.
  • If you are planting shrubs or other landscaping features, keep a distance from the exterior of the home, at least 2 feet.
  • Inside your home, install dehumidifiers in areas that are prone to excess moisture.

If you happen to find any signs of termites, discover evidence of termite damage, or witness a termite swarm, please contact Action Pest Control right away. We provide termite control services to not only get rid of existing termite colonies but also prevent future infestations in Terre Haute and Indianapolis as well as throughout Indiana, and Kentucky including Louisville.

Spring may be just around the corner but that does not mean that swarmers should be a part of it. Give us a shout today!