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The Pests Of Summer

Stinging Insects In Summer

The summer season is almost officially here and for our pest control specialists at Action Pest Control, what that means is that it's time to help home and business owners combat summer pests. If you have started to see stinging insects, ants, or perhaps even signs of termites in Indianapolis, Terre Haute, or elsewhere in Indiana, Kentucky, or Illinois, you are not alone. But to help you better understand what insects could be lurking in your home or on your property this summer, our experienced exterminators would like to share some information on summer pests including how to prevent them!

Stinging insects - There are many stinging insects in the area including different types of bees, wasps, and hornets. One common, and potentially dangerous species are eastern yellow jackets. If their colony is disturbed, even accidentally, they power together for an aggressive attack, which can leave multiple stings and the potential for a serious allergic reaction in humans and pets. At Action Pest Control, we do not recommend disturbing any stinging insect nest you find but rather call us and avoid the sting!

Ants - If you have not already, you may start to see foraging ants in the house. It is very common to find ants in the kitchen, which are likely to be odorous house ants. These nuisance ants are simply looking for morsels of food for themselves and the rest of their colony. The only trouble with these ants is that they are hard to get rid of because their colonies can contain thousands.

Termites - A threat to the wood structure of your home and outbuildings this summer and throughout the year are eastern subterranean termites. These wood-destroying pests help break down rotting and decaying wood in their natural environment but when they move inside and feed on the wood in your home, it can result in extensive and costly property damage. The worst part is that they are hard to find so the damage is often done behind the scenes and then not caught until it is too late.

Prevent summer pests with these pest-proofing tips:

  • When outside, avoid sugary drinks and snacks that are likely to attract stinging insects and ants to the premises.
  • Remove sources of food that are accessible including in the kitchen, even pet food should be removed.
  • Take out the garbage regularly and be sure it is stored in a bin with a lid to keep ants and stinging insects out of it.
  • Replace any screens in the home that are torn to eliminate the threat of insects getting inside.
  • Avoid wood-to-soil contact on your property including boards and firewood to prevent termites.

If you notice that there are stinging insect nests, ant colonies, or perhaps even signs of a termite colony on your property, the best thing to do is alert the pest control professionals! Contact us at Action Pest Control to take care of the hard-to-control summer pests.

In addition to our year-round pest protection program, TermaPest, our pest control in Indianapolis and Terre Haute, Indiana as well as Louisville, Kentucky includes stinging insect control servicesant control services, and even termite control. Call us today to learn more!