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How Indianapolis Businesses Can Get Rid of Pest Birds

Commercial Pigeon Control In Indiana

Birds that fly around the exterior of your business or even enter inside can be a real problem. The different types of birds we see here in Indianapolis include pigeons, geese, grackles, starlings, ducks, crows, and English sparrows. These birds are considered pest birds when they enter our living and working environments because they are responsible for millions of dollars of damage to our properties every year with their highly acidic droppings. These droppings can corrode the structures in which we operate our businesses as well as contribute to health problems, including allergies and respiratory diseases. Getting rid of pest birds at your place of business is imperative to keeping your business running smoothly and your employees healthy.

To deter pest birds, make the environment around your facility unfavorable for roosting. This includes partnering with a pest control professional to help install exclusion tactics and structural modifications.

  • Structural modifications can include a board or metal covering on a ledge that is built-in at a 45° angle; this will prevent nesting and roosting.
  • Install wires to prevent birds from landing on structures; when they cannot land, they will move on.
  • Install netting to exclude birds from interior spaces, including rafters.
  • Sticky repellents may be used as short-term solutions to discourage roosting.
  • We can also use nest and roost removal along with roost decontamination and flock dispersion techniques.

These exclusion techniques can help eliminate current infestations as well as future pest bird problems on your property. With more than 20 years of experience in solving pest problems, the bird pest control professionals at Action offer a complete range of pigeon control solutions along with control tactics to eliminate all pest birds that are plaguing your Indiana, Illinois, or Kentucky property. We focus on non-lethal bird deterrent techniques as well as removal and harassment techniques that will discourage nesting on your property.

At Action, we know the bad publicity and health problems that can stem from a poorly controlled bird infestation around your commercial property. Don’t let pest birds get out of hand, contact the professionals at Action Pest Control today for more information on our pest bird control options and to schedule an appointment for your first inspection.