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Modifications For Your Business To Deter Pest Birds

a large office building

Birds have no place on a commercial property. Pest birds have the potential to cause many negative outcomes for business owners including deterring customers, being too noisy, building nests on rooftops, causing structural deterioration as well as making a mess on your property! Pest birds, like pigeons, can also lead to health risks for employees and customers with their noxious droppings. It's easy to see how a business’s reputation and image can be threatened by these pests. For these reasons and many more, facilities must employ commercial bird control methods to prevent birds from taking over their business.

Luckily, for commercial facilities in Indianapolis, Action offers many bird deterrent options that can be added to your property to help prevent bird infestations from being a problem in the future.

Our bird control services may include:

  • Exclusion installations
  • Structural modifications
  • Nest and roost removal
  • Roost decontamination
  • Flock dispersion

Along with these services, there are a few things that you can do on your own to help keep pest birds from being attracted to your facility, including:

  • Keeping gardens downsized if pest birds have been a problem in the past for you is always a good idea.
  • Birds are attracted to water sources like fountains and water features. Remove these if possible to reduce the likelihood that birds will flock to your facility.
  • Entryway covers that are made of beams, corrugated roofing, or flush-mounted signage can also attract birds to your property.
  • Trees and shrubs near the entry points may attract birds. They may nest in these areas, potentially allowing them easy access to indoors.

Sometimes preventative measures alone aren’t enough to keep these pests from nesting or roosting on your property. If you should notice an increase in bird activity around your commercial facility, call in the professionals at Action. The pest bird control program offered by the pros at Action can eliminate bird activity on your property. When the birds are gone, your facility becomes a safer environment, which your employees and customers are sure to appreciate. Our dedicated bird control specialists have the experience and the education to handle all kinds of bird problems. Call us today for a free bird control inspection and stop these birds from threatening your business!