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Protection From Dangerous Brown Recluse & Black Widow Spiders

Close up spider

There are many scary insects in nature but none truly as bone-chilling as the spider. Whether small or big, spiders send a distinct message that they are not to be messed with. If you are among the few who can stare down a spider without feeling any sort of fear, you are extremely brave or you know something most people don't. Today we will be revealing some secrets of spiders and establishing once and for all if spiders are as dangerous as we think they are.

Can A Spider Kill You?

The good news about spiders here in Louisville is that the majority of them cannot cause you any harm. Even larger spiders such as the wolf spider don’t possess the ability to do you any major harm. There are, however, a select couple of spiders here in Louisville whose bites pack quite the punch, the brown recluse, and the black widow. Luckily, because of our advanced and easily accessible health care here in America, the bites from these spiders are rarely deadly. Only in rare cases where the bitten individual is old, an infant, unable to get to a hospital, or has preexisting medical conditions, has anyone died from these spiders in the states.

Symptoms Of A Black Widow Bite

  • Sweating
  • Headache
  • Fever
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Muscle cramps and spasms
  • Shock
  • Severe high blood pressure

Symptoms Of A Brown Recluse Bite

  • Pain and redness around the bite
  • Fever
  • Chills
  • Nausea
  • Weakness
  • An ulcer where the bite occurred
  • Seizures or coma (extremely rare)

If you find yourself exhibiting these symptoms after being bitten by a spider, seek medical attention immediately to minimize your risk of more serious problems.

How Do You Protect Yourself From Spiders?

Although many spiders are not dangerous, enough of them are harmful to justify concern. If you come across a spider and are unsure of whether or not it is dangerous, your best course of action is to avoid it. We recommend that you do a little research to learn how to identify black widows and brown recluses. This way you will know which spiders to avoid and which ones you don’t have to fear.

Is It Safe To Handle Spiders?

The answer to this question all comes down to how much you know about spiders. As we mentioned earlier, most spiders are not dangerous. It is only because of the select few that are dangerous that we are cautious.

The only way we recommend you handle a spider is if:

  1. You have researched spiders and know for certain the one you are about to handle is safe.
  2. You have been told by a professional that the spider you are about to handle is safe and cannot hurt you.

Beyond these two situations, it is best to avoid close interaction with spiders.

What To Do If Spiders Invade

Whether or not spiders are dangerous, the simple truth is that they don’t belong in our homes. If you are noticing these 8-legged horrors crawling over your walls or across your floors, and you want them gone, your safest option is to call the professionals here at Action Pest Control. All of our pest technicians have been trained to distinguish dangerous spiders from harmless ones, and they have the tools and experience needed to eliminate and keep these spiders out of your home. Feel free to reach out to us any time for emergency spider control services to get your spiders out.