Natural Remedies Are Just Not Tough Enough When It Comes To Fleas

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At Action Pest Control, we believe in natural remedies. If a pest problem can be resolved without the need for pest control products or pests can be managed naturally, this is what we prefer to do. But some pests are extremely difficult to control with natural remedies. Fleas are one of them. Since fleas pose a serious threat to residents in Indiana, Kentucky, and Illinois, we believe that the use of EPA-approved pest control products to resolve flea infestations is the right choice. Here's why natural remedies don't work well.


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Have you heard that spraying vinegar can kill fleas on your pets and around your home? Well, don't count on it. There are a few problems with using vinegar to arrest flea infestations:

  • Once vinegar dries, fleas can crawl over treated areas without being harmed.
  • Vinegar has a repelling effect on fleas, but fleas inside your home have no place to "repel" to. Where are they going to go? Are they going to hitch a ride on your pet and jump off outside? Not likely.
  • Vinegar doesn't kill unhatched fleas or fleas that are cocooned.
  • Vinegar doesn't address mice or rats inside your walls that may have brought the fleas in with them.

Do You See The Problem?

Natural Products that promise to kill or repel fleas may work a little bit but, like vinegar, they fall short of breaking the cycle of infestation. You can spray dish soap and lemon juice. You can sprinkle baking soda, salt, and diatomaceous earth. You can lay rosemary and other herbs down all day, every day, and not stop fleas.

When natural products fail, homeowners often turn to chemicals. But these can also fail to arrest a flea infestation. You can spray all your furniture and place them outside on your porch. You can spray pet bedding and carpets. You can bathe your pets. And, when you're done, fleas can emerge again and again and again. This is because many flea control products don't kill fleas in their eggs. Once the product dries, new fleas hatch, and the infestation cycle begins again.

Professional Flea Control

Attempting to control fleas can be maddening because it is a lot of hard work and all the while you're getting bitten. Though fleas don't use humans as a host, they will bite us to get a blood meal. The solution is a systematic application of EPA-approved products. When done by a licensed and trained professional, this breaks the cycle of infestation by addressing fleas in eggs and cocoons.

What Happens After A Flea Treatment

If you invest in a flea treatment to control fleas in your home, you'll have a much-needed rest from your current affliction but you won't have a permanent solution. Whatever brought the fleas into your home could bring them in again. You can reduce the risk by applying the following flea management strategies:

  • Control wildlife in your yard. Those cute, furry animals bring fleas, ticks, and other parasites into your yard and expose your pets to them. Keep your trash sealed. Move bird feeders at least 20 feet from your home. Put fencing around food sources and areas of potential harborage. Move stacked wood away from your exterior walls and reduce the clutter animals hide in. Everything you do to control wildlife will reduce fleas. Rodents that get into your home can bring fleas in with them. Do routine checks of your exterior and seal any entry points you find. A great tool for this is a caulking gun.
  • If you have pets, make sure they have veterinarian-prescribed flea collars if your vet deems they are appropriate for your pet and your family. Some children are allergic to certain flea control products and can become sick when they hug a dog or a cat with a flea collar on.
  • Routine pest control treatments applied around your foundation perimeter can have a big impact on flea populations and reduce the chances of your pets bringing fleas inside. This is the best way to reduce the risk of a flea infestation taking root in your home.

If you live in our Indiana, Kentucky, and Illinois service areas, and you need help getting rid of fleas or keeping them from infesting your home, we can help. Our Complete pest control provides interior pest treatments, exterior defense, as well as rodent control. There is no better way to protect your home from fleas and other potentially dangerous pests. Reach out to us today for immediate assistance with pest control!

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