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How Sentricon System With Always Active Works
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How Sentricon® System With Always Active™ Works

Eco-friendly and effective against termites, find how the Sentricon® System with Always Active™ eliminates active termite colonies and prevents new ones from establishing.

How Do You Protect A Home From An Insect That Feeds On Wood?

How do you guard against an invader that tunnels under the ground, the distance of a football field, to find a meal? How do you stop a termite that is capable of coming up from the ground and silently feeding on your equity for years without showing any signs of a termite infestation? Over two decades ago, the answer was insecticide. But with over 15 years of real-world success, over 30 independent studies, and more than 70 scientific papers written about it, the Sentricon® System with its Always Active™ technology has established itself as a clear leader in termite control.

Here's How It Works

Have you heard of termite swarmers? When a nest reaches a large enough population, it begins to produce male and female winged alates to create new nests. These winged termites (also called swarmers) come up from the ground and take to the air. But they don't stay in the air. They will mate, shed their wings, and return to the ground. The makers of Sentricon® understand this. That is why Sentricon® bait stations are placed in the ground.

Once a nest is established in the ground, worker termites are created. Sentricon® is counting on this. Worker termites are how the scientifically engineered bait is delivered to the colony those workers come from. But, there is more to it than creating a bait that termites will bring back to their nest. Termite colonies have defensive traits that must be considered. If a bait works too quickly, the threat will be detected by the colony. Sentricon® is slow-acting and able to work its way to the queen. When the queen dies, the colony dies with her.

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