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Termites Friend Or Foe

September 7, 2012

Did you know that termites cause more than $750M in damages each year in the United States alone? That’s more damage than ALL natural disasters combined! Most insurance policies don’t cover termite damage, and a single colony can contain over a million termites. Though a friend of the earth and an important part of the earth’s ecosystem - speeding up the deterioration of dead and dying trees - termites are a stealthy foe when it comes to stumbling across a hearty snack, your house.

So, just what is it that is so appealing about our homes and businesses to these critters? Moisture is a major factor in termite-related damages. Subterranean termites, which are common in Indiana, Kentucky, and Illinois, travel through mud tubes which they construct on walls, floors, pipes, and other solid objects. These mud tubes are perfect for providing the termites with the protection they need from predators, dehydration, and sunburn.

Termites will feed on anything containing cellulose and will damage and tunnel through non-cellulose materials like foam-board insulation found in your crawlspace or the sheetrock found in your walls. Wood mulch in landscape beds is often an open invitation for termites to invade a structure.

Termites typically ‘swarm’ or make new colonies in the spring. However, termite colonies remain active year round and can continue to cause damage to a structure even during the winter months. A thorough termite inspection should be conducted every year to ensure termites are not damaging your home or business. If you’re unsure of the signs of termites, be sure to contact a professional.

Action Pest Control provides termite treatment and control throughout Indiana, Illinois and Kentucky. We have branch locations in Indianapolis, Evansville, Jasper, and Washington, IN, as well as our branch in Owensboro, KY. If you’re asking yourself, “How can I get rid of termites?” you’ve probably already waited too long to address the problem. Contact Action Pest Control today!


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