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Spring Landscaping And Bird Infestations

May 13, 2014

pest birds in lexington

Birds in urban areas can become a real problem. But did you know that your spring landscaping may be attracting birds, causing more bird activity around your facility? Birds can cause lots of problems in commercial facilities. Their droppings and urine are caustic to a structure and pest birds are known for spreading parasites and even diseases. Bird droppings are also the cause of many liability suits where customers or employees have slipped and fallen after stepping in bird excrement. Pest birds are known for building nests on roofs and inside facilities where they cause damage and can create a nuisance. So, to avoid a bird problem in your commercial facility, we suggest making some adjustments to your spring landscape to limit problems you may encounter with pest birds. Here are a few bird prevention tips for your spring landscape:

  • Although you may find gardens to be an attractive feature to your property, pest birds feel the same way. Gardens can provide plants for birds to eat, so if you have had previous bird problems, we suggest avoiding heavy landscaping and gardens to prevent attracting birds to your property.

  • Remove any water features or fountains; these attract birds and once they make themselves at home on your property, they are likely to stay there.

  • Make sure that trees and shrubs are not near entry points of your facility. Birds may hide in these areas of vegetation and then sneak into your facility when you least expect it.

These simple changes can help reduce your chance of having a pest bird problem. Sometimes, despite your best efforts, pest birds can still be a problem. Pest birds like sparrows, pigeons and grackles should not be allowed to roost on your property. These pest birds will tarnish your reputation as well as your facility, giving you a bad reputation in your industry.

If you are looking for pest bird removal in Lexington that you can trust, click here for more information or simple give the pros at Action Pest Control a call. Our experienced bird control professionals offer bird deterrent systems that will keep pest birds from calling your property their own. If you are looking for a partnership for general commercial pest control in Lexington, we offer customized pest control solutions for your business, no matter what your individual needs may be. Give us a call today to learn more about the pest bird control services we offer as well as all our commercial pest control solutions.


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