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Perfect Situations For Fumigation

April 30, 2018

When pests get into a business, they can create a wide range of problems. No matter what problem those pests are creating for you in your business, you want them gone--immediately. This is what fumigation does best. If you have a pest infestation you want resolved quickly, fumigation can get the job done. One day you have bugs, the next day you don't. But fumigation isn't the best choice for all commercial pest problems. Here are a few situations where fumigation really shines. See if your pest control issue is similar.

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When Pests Are Found In Food Products

Pantry pests, such as Indian meal moths, weevils, and beetles, can ruin a shipment of grain, or create a serious nightmare for a warehouse that stores food goods. Whether you are a grower, packager, or a seller, fumigation can help you target unwanted pests and save your product--and your reputation.  

When You Have A Single Item That Needs Treatment

Some pests, such as wood borers and termites, get inside the wood of furniture. If your business is in antiques, these insects can cause irreparable damage. Fumigation can treat everything from a large structure to a single piece of furniture.

When You Have Sensitive Items In Your Business

There is a wide range of pest control options, and some may not be right for your business. When other pest control methods are the wrong choice, fumigation is often the right choice. Fumigation doesn't just work to protect commodities such as flour, tobacco, corn, rice, soybeans, wheat, and more, it can be used in pharmaceutical plants and other sensitive environments.

When Those Pests Are Hard To Reach

Pests are often found in areas of a facility that are difficult, sometimes impossible, to access. And, while there are methods such as baits and chemicals that have a transfer effect, fumigation is sometimes the best option. The gases used in fumigation work their way into pores, cracks, gaps and other openings to target pests that are deep inside wood and other building materials.

When You Have A Lot Of Packages

The larger and more complicated an infestation is, the more likely fumigation is going do the best job of resetting your pest problem. Bugs don't just get into walls, they can chew their way through paper, cardboard, and even plastic. That means they can get into stored packages and make it extremely difficult to exterminate them with other measures.

Did you see a pest problem above that is similar to yours? If not, don't worry, your commercial pest control provider can guide you through your options.

If you're in our extensive service area of Indiana, Kentucky, and Illinois, contact Action Pest Control for industry-leading commercial pest services, which include fumigation. We will get you on track to arresting your pest issue.


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