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How Action Pest Control Keeps the Nuisance Birds Away from Your Evansville Business

January 28, 2020

To the everyday person, birds may be seen in a positive light. After all, these pretty creatures chirping away on their tree perch are beautiful and harmless, right? The attitude might be a little different, however, if you own a business. For business owners’, birds can be considered pests instead of a pleasure. If you have a bird problem at your Evansville business, we can help. We can also prevent a bird infestation before birds become a problem, so you never need to worry.

a flock of birds resting outside of an evanville indiana business place

Pigeons on the Property

Pigeons are some of the most common Indiana pest birds. They may seem harmless, especially if you’ve only seen one or two on the property. However, it’s important to realize that pigeons are social birds. That means if one pigeon comes to your property and finds food, more will follow. The same is true for many species of nuisance pests. If you don’t address the problem soon enough, you could end up with a bird infestation.

Pigeon Problems

Are birds considered pests? In order to answer that, you really only need to ask one question: are pigeons dirty? You probably know that the answer is yes. For one, pigeons poop wherever they feel like it, and they poop a lot. If pigeons move into your business, your sidewalks could quickly become covered in bird droppings. This is problematic for several reasons. For one, it looks unappealing and could drive away customers. Two, it’s a slipping hazard, and an injured customer or employee could sue your company. Three, it’s dangerous, since bird droppings can transmit over fifty bird-related diseases.
Birds are also dirty on their own. They may carry fleas or ticks, which could become a problem for your business. They often smell and may leave feathers scattered about the property. Plus, these birds will come in search of a place to roost. They may cause property damage as they rest in certain areas and wear out the eaves and walls of your building. They’re also loud! Your employees will soon grow tired of birdsong if you have hundreds of pigeons living outside.

Action Pest Control

Is there anything you can do about pest birds? Yes! Action Pest Control has years of experience in dealing with pigeons and other pest birds. We have many different strategies for keeping birds away from your property. These include exclusion installations, structural modifications to your building, nest and roost removal, roost decontamination, and flock dispersion.
The great thing about trusting Action Pest Control to keep birds under control is that we take a personalized approach. We inspect each business before treatment. This allows us to identify the bird species causing problems and target areas where they are roosting. We can help you locate any attracting factors. Then we will create a custom plan that fits the unique needs of your business. Our treatment plans are all humane so that the pigeons can continue to sing… elsewhere. Keep nuisance birds away from your property by relying on us for help. Reach out today


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