Bird Control Can Save the Bottom Line

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Birds are a fact of life. They are everywhere. For the most part, most of us enjoy them. So much so, that we spend a small fortune every year keeping them fed in our own backyard just so we can listen to them sing for us and keep them coming all winter long. Encouraging finches, doves, cardinals, among other colorful feathered friends to spend their days at home is one thing, a parking lot full of pigeons and starlings is quite another thing altogether.

Pest birds are a problem for businesses all over the country. Birds like pigeons, starlings, and even sparrows are particularly problematic in our area. These birds tend to congregate near a variety of commercial properties such as warehouses, grocery stores, restaurants, and even office buildings. They hang out by the dozens roosting on roofs and wires stretching across parking lots.

At first glance, you might think that these birds do not appear to be harming anyone, so what is the problem? Unfortunately, as innocent as they seem, birds can be a destructive and messy addition to your business. Birds leave behind waste - and a lot of it. Bird droppings in the parking lot can not only be unsightly, but they can cause a slipping hazard for an unsuspecting customer. Bird feces also are known to harbor several diseases that can make both customers and employees ill. This is not something that a business needs a reputation for.

Even if the birds around your business are not causing huge problems for customers, they can still cause a lot of problems for the business. Bird feces have a corrosive quality that can damage the siding of the building. They tend to nest in areas such as vents where they pose a fire hazard and in drains where they can clog them up entirely causing water damage. In fact, businesses have had to spend thousands on damages caused by birds.

The question becomes what can commercial property owners do to protect their property from invading birds and their customers and employees from injury and illness caused by these birds? Action Pest Control has the answer. We have several ways to help remove the threat of birds by offering nest removal and bird netting to discourage them from roosting. We can also work with the business owner to decide what changes can be made to the structure itself to discourage birds from roosting and our bird control experts will help clean up the mess that birds may have left behind. Our specialists are standing by to help business owners and managers throughout our service area decide what options are best to help with bird exclusion to protect your investment, your customers, and your employees.

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