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Bird Control And Your Business

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The world is an ecosystem driven by food. Some might disagree and point to some other vice as a driving factor. But before we pursue anything in life, we must first make sure we can do it on a full belly. The second primary force is the need to make our nest in the world. Humans will spend billions this year buying furniture, making repairs, and filling their nests with the many things that make them happy. Wild animals are no different. Their primary focus is to find food and make a nest. Usually that nest will be near a food source. Here is how this affects your business.

Whether your business is to grow, transport, store, or serve up food, pest birds are a continual threat to your brand. They are known carriers of diseases like West Nile virus, Salmonellosis, candidiasis, cryptococcosis, and St. Louis Encephalitis. They are directly connected to the respiratory disease histoplasmosis, which is potentially fatal. Their pursuit of food brings them into trash heaps, dumpsters, and areas where food is rotting. For this reason they are a primary spreader of bacteria and stomach illness. And, if all this were not enough, pest birds are connected to the spread of nearly 50 kinds of ectoparasites like bed bugs, mealworms, and mites. If your brand is linked to any of these, you'll be playing damage control for years.

Businesses that do not work with food are not exempt from pest bird issues. If your business is near a food source, birds may choose your ledges and sills to nest on. This can present a problem for you and your customers. The droppings birds leave quickly turn to salt and ammonia when it rains. This can cause metal to rust, paints to dissolve, and concrete to wear down. It is even known to cause structural problems. These dropping are also a health hazard, and a slipping hazard when left on walkways. And, birds can interfere with heavy equipment, or infest ventilation ducts.

Pest bird problems are not only bad for your brand they can cause damage to property, spread illness, and make your company liable for fines, citations, and lawsuits. But there is a solution.

The solution to this problem is exclusion installations, structural modifications, nest and roost removal, roost decontamination, and flock dispersion. Just like humans, birds will choose the easiest way to get their bellies filled and build their nests. When birds come to roost at your business, give them an incentive to move on. If your ledges have spikes, and your roof is hard to walk on, pest birds will find another place to be, naturally.

Action Pest Control has been solving bird problems for over 20 years. They offer effective bird services, with the highest priority on the safe and humane treatment of all birds. If you live in Indiana, Kentucky, Illinois, Ohio, Tennessee, Michigan, or Missouri, get a free inspection. Their number is (888) 835-1225. You have spent a lot on your brand. Don't let it go to the birds.