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5 Uncommon Places To Find Bed Bugs

December 12, 2012

Bed Bug In Indiana Movie Theater

There is a common misconception out there that bed bugs only live in our beds. It makes sense that since this is the primary location where bed bugs bite humans that we would believe they would be found only in our beds. But the truth is, there are many locations, and uncommon ones at that, where bed bugs can be found and then maybe even hitch a ride back to your home.

From the Indiana pest control team serving Indianapolis and Terre Haute as well as throughout Indiana, Kentucky and Illinois, here are the 5 most uncommon places that you could encounter bed bugs:

  1. Movie theaters

  2. Taxi cabs

  3. Dressing rooms in stores

  4. Second hand stores

  5. At the office

Clearly, bed bugs are more widespread and not contained to just hotels and beds. And because it is possible to encounter bed bugs so easily in your day to day life, or especially when traveling, it is important that you are alert and on the lookout for any signs of bed bugs.

  • Dark spots left behind after bed bugs feed on human blood.

  • Light colored skin encasements which are shed as bed bugs feed and grow. 

  • Live bugs themselves which resemble an apple seed. 

  • Waking in the morning to itchy red bumps (bed bug bites) that were not previously there.

If you believe that bed bugs have found their way into your Indiana, Kentucky or Illinois home, then Action Pest Control is ready to help! Our bed bug services include chemical free bed bug heat treatments as well as K9 bed bug inspections so you have the peace of mind that all bed bugs, including their eggs, are gone. For more information on our Terre Haute exterminators as well as pest control in Indianapolis and pest control in Louisville, please contact us today!


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