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Effective Strategies For Eliminating Roaches In Your Home In Lexington

cockroach on the floor

Cockroaches infiltrating your Lexington home bring major issues with them. One of the most effective strategies for eliminating roaches is to invest in professional cockroach control in Lexington - Action Pest Control is ready to help you out.

Types Of Roaches Common To The Area

Cockroaches are a prolific insect and there are many different types of cockroaches that you might encounter around the Lexington area. However, there are a few species of cockroaches that are commonly seen around Lexington homes - the German cockroach, the American cockroach, and the Oriental cockroach.

It’s important to understand the differences between these roach species, as proper identification of the cockroaches running wild on your property ensures that treatment plans are much more effective.

In general, German cockroaches may be identified by their smaller size and tan coloration. American cockroaches will be larger, around two inches in length, and reddish-brown in color. Finally, Oriental cockroaches are dark brown, almost shiny black. Reach out to our team at Action Pest Control if you need more roach identification advice.

Roaches Trigger Allergies And Spread Diseases

Even though cockroach infestations are commonly seen in our area, they are still dangerous to encounter and should be avoided. Cockroaches are known for the many diseases and pathogens they spread, and as they walk across surfaces and contaminate food, your risk of picking up an illness such as salmonella, gastroenteritis, cholera, or dysentery increases, among many other potential illnesses.

Additionally, cockroach infestations are known to trigger allergies and breathing issues among sensitive individuals. A specific protein in cockroaches is the culprit of these problems, and as they leave behind shed skins, egg cases, saliva, and droppings, the higher the risk is of allergic reactions and respiratory problems among those in your home.

How And Why Roaches Find Their Way Into Our Homes

Cockroaches, like most pests, are opportunistic. These scavenging insects are always in search of food, moisture, and shelter, and they will often find their way into our homes when we provide these basics for them, typically by accident.

Lexington properties with plenty of cluttered hiding spaces indoors or outdoors, moisture issues, and improperly stored food or trash are more likely to encourage a cockroach infestation as these insects take notice of how easy it would be to live around the property.

Removing these factors helps to discourage cockroach infestations from starting in the first place. Action Pest Control can tell you more.

The Most Effective Way To Eliminate A Roach Problem In Your Home

If you want to get rid of cockroaches, the most effective way is to invest in professional cockroach control. Our team at Action Pest Control knows how stressful cockroach removal can be, and we pride ourselves on effective, efficient roach removal solutions.

Additionally, you can follow these prevention tips to keep roaches away from your home in the future:

  • Seal cracks around your home’s foundation, windows, and doors to stop roaches from invading.
  • Fully cockroach-proof interior areas by using window and door screens in addition to weather stripping to seal any remaining gaps.
  • Clear outdoor areas of debris piles, organic matter like pet waste and fallen fruit, long grasses, and woodpiles, as these are all prime cockroach hiding spots and attractants.
  • Use trash cans with secure lids indoors and outdoors to ensure that roaches can’t get inside to scavenge.
  • Always store food properly, clean up food and drink spills immediately, and never leave out dirty dishes to stop the aroma from attracting pests.

For more information on eliminating a roach problem in your Lexington home, contact Action Pest Control today.