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The Ultimate Guide To Fly Prevention: Effective Strategies And Tips For Lexington Homes

fruit fly in kitchen sink

When you see pesky insects like flies around your home, trust Action Pest Control to help you control them. We are the experts when it comes to fly control in Lexington, delivering the results that our customers want to see. 

Flies are irritating, and they can carry disease after they crawl on and feed on rotting food and garbage. Taking care of them as quickly as possible is our goal, giving you the level of protection you need. 

Common Fly Species: Key Insights For Effective Control

When you want to keep flies away from your Lexington home, it can be helpful to identify the types of fly species you are seeing. This can help our team determine the best way to treat them. Some of the different types of flies in the Lexington area include:

  • House flies: The house fly is the most common species found in our area. Garbage, animal carcasses, food particles, and pet feces draw them in large numbers.
  • Horse flies: Horse flies are large, and they can aggressively bite. They like to hide in tall grass and weedy areas near the home.
  • Fruit flies: Tiny fruit flies are so small they can be tough to see. They often lay eggs on pieces of fruit in a store, entering your home and hatching. They are attracted to fruit that is overripe and older potatoes. 
  • Moth flies (drain flies): A moth fly may appear in a drain in your home, as they like moisture and rotting organic matter. They also appear around decaying plants and compost piles outdoors.

If you are seeing any of these types of flies in large numbers inside or near your home, our insect control experts can help.

Health Risks Related To Fly Invasions: Protecting Your Well-Being

Common house flies don’t bite people; however, they still can spread disease. They often crawl on and feed on garbage and other items that are high in bacteria. Once they come indoors, they can then transport this bacteria to areas inside your home, potentially making you or your pets sick. They could ruin your food, too. Horse flies may bite people, creating a painful welt, but their bites don’t create a health risk to people. Horse flies could transmit disease to horses, however, through a bite. Tiny flies like fruit flies really don’t provide much of a health risk to people, as they don’t bite. Although they can carry salmonella, they are so small that the risk of transfer is minimal.

Proactive Fly Prevention: Implementing Measures To Keep Flies Out

Keeping flies out of your home is the best way to keep them from bothering you and contaminating your food. Tips to keep flies away from your home include the following:

  • Keep fruit covered or inside a refrigerator.
  • Clean up spills and leftover food as soon as possible.
  • Clean up pet waste or any dead wildlife found outdoors.
  • Cover your garbage cans tightly.
  • Keep moist organic matter from piling up near the home.

Count on Action Pest Control to use our techniques to get rid of flies in the house. You then can take these preventive steps to keep them from coming back.

Professional Pest Control For Fly Control: Why Hire Experts

Flies are especially difficult to control, which is why the Lexington home pest control services our experts provide are so important. We make sure you don’t have to put up with these pests. We know how fast these insects can multiply, making the job of removing them especially tough for a homeowner who doesn’t have the tools and techniques available to our team in Lexington. When you are ready to receive a free inspection to assess the level of infestation you are facing from your fly problem, reach out to Action Pest Control today for help.