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House Fly Control 101: Tips And Tricks For Louisville Homeowners

house fly on a leaf

It is hard to mistake the sound of a fly buzzing around your home. Often we hear these pests before we see them. A random fly getting in the house isn't usually a big deal. But if you find yourself dealing with many flies in your yard or an infestation in your home, that is another matter entirely.

With a large infestation, getting rid of flies in the house can be challenging. If you suspect an infestation, it is time to contact a Louisville pest control company for assistance.

The pros at Action Pest Control are here to help with tips and tricks to deal with this irritating pest, and we will help you find the best way to get rid of house flies for good.

How To Identify Common House Flies

There are many types of flies, and some are similar in appearance to common house flies, but there are some differences. House flies range in size from ?" of an inch to ¼" of an inch. They are dark gray and have slightly hairy bodies and a single pair of wings. You can often distinguish them by their red compound eyes.

These flies spend their time in the most disgusting places you can imagine. They will eat garbage, animal carcasses, and feces. You will frequently find them on piles of pet feces outdoors. Promptly cleaning up after your pets can keep flies away outside, which helps prevent them from entering your home.

If you find swarms of flies lurking around your property or inside your home, contact Action Pest Control today for assistance.

The Many Problems Fly Infestations Can Create In A Home

Let's start with the good news; house flies don't bite. That may be the only upside of this type of fly. House flies congregate and feed on rotten food, decaying animals, and feces; this is also where they lay their eggs. You may notice swarms of flies on pet waste in your yard or their larvae that we commonly call maggots in your garbage.

Their preferences make it especially important to keep flies away from your home. They can spread bacteria by landing on your food and counter surfaces contaminating everything they touch. 

If you are looking for help to keep flies away from your house, call Action Pest Control today.

What Causes A Fly Infestation In A House?

To go about getting rid of flies in the house, we need to determine what attracts them to our homes. Here are some common causes of fly infestations:

  • Pet waste is one of the most common reasons for flies in the yard, and when flies are in your yard, they are more likely to make their way indoors.
  • Windows and doors that don't close properly allow flies to enter.
  • Screens that have holes or don't fit correctly can also let flies into your home.
  • Garbage is another major attraction for flies. Be sure to dispose of garbage frequently in containers with tight-fitting lids; this is one of the best ways to keep flies away outside.

If you have tried all of these tips and are still struggling to keep flies away, it is time to contact the pros at Action Pest Control for help with your fly problem.

The Secret To Total Fly Control For Your Home

Sometimes even with all the preventive measures in place, flies get inside and can quickly multiply. It can be incredibly challenging if you are trying to deal with an infestation on your own. The best way to get rid of house flies for good is to work with a local company like Action Pest Control. Contact us today to schedule your free inspection for home pest control in Louisville.