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How To Prevent Flies Around Your Louisville Home

a fly on a plant

Many different types of fly pests can invade your house. As you may undoubtedly guess, different types of flies exhibit various behaviors. Several small insects could congregate in your home to form a swarm. There are different types of flies. It's not always fruit flies when you see tiny flies all over. They can be fungus gnats or phorid flies.

Even while an infestation of flies might not seem like a big deal, they are known to cause disease. Contact Action Pest Control for pest control in Louisville if you notice a fly infestation.

Common Flies In Louisville

There are different kinds of flies; the house fly is one of the common flies to invade a home. They have a range of sizes. They can be very dark gray or black and often have a bluish cast and transparent wings.

The other prevalent type of pest seen in Louisville is the horse fly. Their bodies are black, while their wings can be brown or tan. These flies are notorious for the excruciating pain immediately following one of their bites. They are highly hostile, to the point where they would even chase after their prey.

How To Tell If You Are Dealing With A Fly Infestation

It's possible that at first, when you hear the buzzing sound of flies around your Louisville house, you'll try to ignore them. On the other hand, if you find a significant number of flies, you might have an infestation.

You need to inspect the drainage channels, drains, and areas around the sinks because this is where flies frequently congregate in search of food and water.

The presence of flies consistently and the observation of many flies hovering near garbage cans and other waste containers are indicators of a significant fly problem.

Maggots turn into flies; they are in the larval stage of flies, and their presence on your land indicates that there may be a nesting location there. You can find the larvae in garbage and food regions starting to deteriorate.

Five Easy And Effective Fly Prevention Tips

You can take several different approaches to keep flies away. The following are the top five most efficient methods:

  1. Maintain a clean home: Maintaining a clean home is an effective strategy for lowering food availability to unwanted guests like insects and rodents.
  2. Maintain appropriate food storage: Cover foods like cookies and sweets that will be served to visitors, store any leftovers in airtight containers, and either keep your fruits and veggies in the refrigerator or store them in covered containers.
  3. Check that your garbage is secure: Flies love garbage. Tight-fitting trash can lids are the greatest approach to prevent pests from exploiting your rubbish as a feeding source. 
  4. Control moisture: Fly survival requires a little moisture. Fix leaky pipes and fixtures, use a dehumidifier on humid days, clean your gutters, and remove sources of water buildup in sinks, bathtubs, and other wet areas.
  5. Contact a professional: Call a pro to keep these pests out year-round. Action Pest Control offers reliable pest control services.

Because controlling flies is challenging, the best way to keep flies away is to take preventative measures before they even appear. It will help reduce the variables that attract pests to your home and lessen the number of access points.

Professional Pest Control Makes For The Best Fly Control

If different flies are finding their way into your home despite your best efforts, call Action Pest Control. Flies are something that can be avoided and controlled with our assistance. We'll walk you through the environmental adjustments you can make so that you don't draw flies to your home and don't make it easy for them to get inside.

Because of our treatment, there will be a significant reduction in house flies, horse flies, and other Louisville flies. You can take pleasure in your home without worrying about the invasion of flies that are nearly impossible to control.