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Bird Control Can Be Tricky For Commercial Spaces In Owensboro

a pigeon perched on a raling

Business owners understand the importance of creating a business brand. 

You want your business to be known for quality and service, and you want people to have a positive reaction to your location. 

When there are pigeons at your business location strutting around badgering your clients, harm comes to the company's brand and reputation. If you have pigeons at your commercial site, you need the best pest control in Owensboro, Action Pest Control.

Do I Need Professional Help With Pigeons On My Commercial Property?

Removing pigeons from your business's property is not as easy as waving them away. You need professional pigeon removal for the following reasons:

  • Pigeons carry disease: Pigeons may be carriers of cryptococcosis, toxoplasmosis, and salmonella. Furthermore, a fungus in pigeon droppings may cause histoplasmosis. Pigeons are also transporters for fleas, lice, mites, and ticks. 
  • Pigeons present a hazard: The droppings of pigeons cause slips and falls. You don't want to risk slipping and potentially falling off the roof of your commercial building. 

Pigeons on commercial property convey a sense of filth, and their presence can hurt your business brand. Pigeon droppings are unsanitary, unattractive, and corrosive. In addition, the uric acid in the droppings can slowly disintegrate the tar on the shingles. Pigeon nests can clog airflow in your building. If you build a fire and there is a pigeon nest in the chimney, damage from carbon monoxide could affect staff and customers. 

Using professionals to get rid of pigeons is a wise investment in your staff's health and safety; it is also necessary to protect your business brand and customers. 

Ways To Deter Pigeons In Owensboro

To protect your customers and staff, use these suggestions to discourage pigeons from making your commercial property their home: 

  • Remove food from the property: Prohibit your staff from feeding the birds and display signage discouraging customers from feeding the pigeons.
  • Eliminate standing water: If you have birdbaths or any ornamental items that hold water, remove them. 
  • Attach bird spikes to the roof: If they cannot find a place to land, the pigeons will move to another location. 
  • Modify potential nesting areas: Slope the ledges and other flat surfaces under eaves where pigeons like to nest. 
  • Fill in voids on roofs: Fill holes where pigeons can enter to find shelter. 
  • Remove existing pigeon nests: Nests can be full of viruses and bacteria; it is best to have professional removal. 

The number one way to deter pigeons is not to allow staff or customers to feed the birds on your Owensboro property.

Do Bird Nets Really Keep Birds Away?

Bird control netting is common for gardeners and owners of commercial buildings. Whether netting is appropriate depends upon the structure. If your commercial building is an open warehouse or has a gap between the roofline, netting may be an option; however, there are several items to consider regarding netting:

  • The weight, size, and material need to be correct for pigeons.
  • The fitting must be tight and not allow for gaps.
  • The netting will deteriorate over time and needs replacement. 
  • Other wildlife may be inadvertently caught and killed in the netting. 
  • The netting may look ugly on your facility.

Netting is an option, but it must be done correctly and used in appropriate locations.

Total Bird Control For Commercial Properties

The safest and best way to deter pigeons from taking over your commercial property is to utilize our commercial pest control experts at Action Pest Control. We know how to use non-lethal bird deterrents such as netting. We will identify where structural modifications are needed. We will safely remove existing pigeons from your property. Contact us today, and let us solve your pigeon problem.