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Oriental Roaches In Owensboro Can Be Hard To Get Rid Of

an oriental cockroach in a persons hand

When entering Daviess County, people will find the city of Owensboro, Kentucky's fourth largest populated city. Known as the "Bluegrass Capital of the world," people can enjoy some fantastic music while enjoying some of Kentucky's delicious beverages and food. With many locally owned restaurants, residents can enjoy delightful drinks and dining that feature foods like Owensboro's famous mutton served with a hickory-smoked barbecue flavor. One local pest in Owensboro that needs a drink from time to time is the oriental cockroach. Without pest control in Owensboro, oriental cockroaches may venture into local homes looking for the water sources it craves.

Where Are These Oriental Cockroaches Coming From?

Oriental cockroaches (sometimes called water bugs) naturally love living outdoors. They are typically happy to lounge under leaves and stones, mulch and firewood, crawlspaces, sewage drains, and porches. If moist, dark areas are available outside, they are happy critters; however, lack of moisture outside (times of drought) and cold weather often see them heading indoors to look for areas of high humidity and readily available moisture sources. Oriental cockroaches can access the inside of homes in multiple ways.

Five ways Oriental cockroaches in Owensboro access homes include:

  1. Through floor drains
  2. Scurrying across utility pipes
  3. Under doors and windows
  4. Through air ducts
  5. Through vents

Once oriental cockroaches access homes, they typically head straight for a home's cool, damp areas. To help identify avenues that oriental cockroaches use to access homes, homeowners can enlist the help of roach pest control professionals like Action Pest Control. Our trained professionals can spot areas that give oriental cockroaches access to homes and suggest practical solutions for future prevention.

Should I Be Worried If I See An Oriental Cockroach In My Bathroom?

Finding signs of cockroaches in your Owensboro home can be unnerving, especially when they show up in your bathroom. These large (around an inch long), almost black, shiny cockroaches typically move around at night, so a flick of a switch when visiting the bathroom might be your first sign of their presence inside your home. Oriental cockroaches in your bathroom are a cause for concern. Drains, sinks, pipes, and toilets typically provide the moisture cockroaches need to survive. Since water sources and high humidity are abundant in bathrooms, homeowners could have large numbers of oriental cockroaches congregating in this room. Once oriental cockroaches discover an excellent source of moisture, they will be most reluctant to leave, making removal difficult.

How Hard Is It To Get Rid Of Oriental Cockroaches?

When you're battling one of the most challenging pests in the world, you know getting rid of oriental cockroaches is going to be complicated. Oriental cockroaches in Owensboro are almost black; therefore, visually seeing them can be challenging because they are creatures of the night. Their bodies allow them to squeeze into cracks and crevices scattered throughout your home, making them difficult to locate and eliminate. They can withstand extreme temperatures and harsh living conditions. On top of everything else, females can live up to 26 weeks and produce about 200 babies during their lifespan. When taking on a formidable foe, you must use a pest company like Action Pest Control for safe, dependable, and reliable oriental cockroach control.

What Can I Do To Get Oriental Cockroaches Out Of My Home Permanently?

The best way to permanently remove oriental cockroaches from your home is by using the trusted pest professionals at Action Pest Control. Our company has been locally owned and operated since 1946. We offer timely service and effective pest control solutions that you can trust. With over 70 state-certified trained professionals, our company is committed to protecting your home and family from area pests. We offer pest management programs that will address your individual needs at a reasonable cost. To ensure professional cockroach pest control in Owensboro, contact Action Pest Control for a free inspection. When you're ready to take action, we'll take action on your behalf to remove pests from your home.