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How To Easily Get Rid Of Oriental Roaches Inside Your Evansville Home

oriental roaches on a foundation in a home

One of the grossest and largest cockroaches is the oriental cockroach, which originates from North Africa despite the name. These cockroaches are also known as black beetle cockroaches or waterbugs because they like living outdoors in moist, damp, and dark areas. Just like any other cockroach species, oriental cockroaches can intrude into homes in search of food. So, if you see dark-looking cockroaches around your house, get in touch with Action Pest Control and hire the best pest control in Evansville. If you want to know more about oriental cockroaches and how to get rid of them, read on.

How To Identify An Oriental Cockroach

Oriental Cockroaches in Evansville are dark in color, ranging from a shiny, dark reddish-brown color to pitch-black. Their oval-shaped bodies that can grow up to an inch are covered on top with wings, but they cannot fly. One of the roaches' unique traits is that they leave behind an unpleasant smell. When a professional pest control expert inspects your home, they will look at the following areas where the cockroaches like to nest outdoors:

  • Underneath leaf piles
  • Under mulch
  • Underneath porches and decks
  • Around decaying vegetation

When they get indoors, you will find them in the following areas:

  • Under the sink
  • Near drains
  • In sewers
  • In kitchen and bathroom cabinets

The first step to knowing how to get rid of cockroaches in Evansville is being able to identify them. The next step is to contact experts who will employ the best roach pest control to eradicate the specific species infesting your home. But are oriental cockroaches dangerous enough to require professional pest control?

Why Oriental Cockroaches Are Considered Dangerous

Oriental cockroaches live in damp areas; they traverse sewers, toilet drains, and garbage disposals, among other unsanitary sites. With this in mind, they are notorious pathogens and parasite carriers that are known to transmit diseases like typhoid fever, salmonella, and streptococcus. In addition, their saliva and excretions can also trigger allergies and asthma, especially in young children. These dangers warrant a need for professional pest control for roaches and not self-treatment; read on to know why.  

Why Do-It-Yourself Oriental Cockroach Control Fails

Many DIY methods, like over-the-counter chemicals, will help you kill the roaches you can reach. However, it is hard for an unskilled individual to reach all the cockroaches in an infested property. Moreover, unskilled use of cockroach control products can cause harm to the residents of the home and their pets. Some DIY methods like diatomaceous earth may cause more activity from cockroaches in search of water and moisture. If you want a robust, effective, and efficient solution, contact Action Pest Control and get professional pest control services you can rely on. 

However, how to deter cockroaches is a process that you can contribute to before or after engaging in professional pest control services. Since oriental cockroaches prefer damp areas and come into your home in search of food, do the following: cover drains with mesh, seal gaps and cracks in your house, repair leaking pipes and drains, reduce humidity in your house by using a dehumidifier, keep surfaces in your house clean removing all crumbs, and keep your food stored in airtight containers.

What's The Best Way To Get Rid Of Cockroaches

Many DIY methods on the internet will waste your time and resources. For successful oriental cockroach eradication in Evansville, you need professional pest control services from reliable companies like Active Pest Control. Experts understand pests and their behaviors and deliver the best solutions for your home pest infestation problem. 

Oriental cockroaches are dark cockroaches that leave behind a unique unpleasant smell. They prefer nesting in damp and dark areas like under mulch outdoors, near drains, and under the sink indoors. Suppose you want to eliminate them from your home. In that case, Action Pest Control services can provide experts who will assess your situation, identify the cockroach species attacking your home, and develop a treatment program to eradicate the cockroaches. Call Action Pest Control today to book an appointment and start your pest-free journey.